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  • [Domics Animation/ Intro]

  • Breakups! Part one. so back in high school. I dated this girl named Clar--

  • We'll call her Claire. Quick brief, I moved to Virginia when I was 16, and I wanted a new start

  • So I joined this taekwondo class, that was literally just across the street from my house.

  • Met a few cool people from there, one that I happened to take an interest in, she also happened to go to my school.

  • Freedom High School :O

  • Soo got to know her quite a bit during our self-defense classes, even our teachers started shipping us

  • Eventually we discovered that we do an interest in each other, so I asked her out. [whoo-hooo] (goo domm :D)

  • relationshipp Honeymoon Stage, got comfortable ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Arguments happened... I got fed up.

  • Fast-Forward a bit and as you can tell we didn't work out. I broke it off,

  • she was not happy about it.

  • And as with many breakups, you don't exactly go around announcing it to everyone.

  • Hey, we broke up!

  • You gotta just let everyone find out on their own. And it just so happens that my taekwondo class along with my teacher.

  • Mr. Filarsky (Filaskey??) also had to find out on their own. So he didn't know... yet.

  • And when it came to sparring time, guess who he pairs up together?

  • Shit...

  • Cuz I couldn't be a bitch about it and be like; "Um could I get a new partner, because I'm

  • Scared of my Ex..." I know what you're thinking; Wow Dom, way to be the whimp...

  • No, no, no

  • ,shut up, you see... When you've broken a girl's heart and she has the opportunity to unleash her rage and

  • Destroy you physically then you best be afraid. So I had to suck it up. I had an ego to protect

  • I couldn't say (Whispers:) be gentle, or anything. It was also a very confusing

  • fight? I wasn't sure whether to give it my all and possibly or slash humiliate her, or

  • Not put in much effort and let her have her vengeance.

  • Also a bad choice...

  • Let's just say it took me longer to cross the street, and crawl back home that

  • Moral of the story?


  • Yup...

[Domics Animation/ Intro]

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Domics: Break Ups - part 1

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