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  • Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

  • and life you love. And today’s question comes from Tamara and she writes,

  • Hi Marie. I love, love, love you and your team.” We love you too. “I’ve learned

  • so much from what youve offered. Here’s my situation, I wrote an empowering book for

  • teen girls and young women and am starting a revolution. I don’t know if I should do

  • a website with or I’ve heard you should use your name, but

  • I’ve seen both. For example, Kris Carr with or with your Rich Happy

  • & Hot but you use How do you know when to call your business your name

  • versus a name that describes the business? Thanks for shining your light, Marie. Tamara.”

  • Tamara, Tamara, Tamara, this is one of the most popular questions of all time. And, frankly,

  • I cannot believe we haven’t tackled this until now on MarieTV. But here’s the thing,

  • figuring out what to call your business comes down to three things: your industry, your

  • vision, and your long-term game plan.

  • Here’s what I mean. If youre looking to build your business around being an expert,

  • like an author, a speaker, a coach, or consultant, and the main commodity is you, then name your

  • business your name. Here’s the thing, if you plan on being around for a long time,

  • youre gonna write many books and youre gonna launch many programs and the only thing

  • that’s not gonna change about your business is you.

  • The benefit to naming your website after yourself is that you can launch different brands under

  • your name but you never have to get stuck with something. So, for example, I started

  • my brand, Rich Happy & Hot, but I was pretty clear that I didn't wanna stay with that for

  • my entire career.

  • On the other hand, if youre starting a business that’s based around a product or

  • service that could potentially be sold one day, think about Whole Foods or Instagram

  • or Organic Avenue, then you may wanna choose a name that’s more fitting to the business.

  • But here’s the thing you need to know, there are countless companies that are named after

  • their founders and exist without them. For example, think about Donna Karan or Calvin

  • Klein. They both built name based empires and sold them.

  • Or how about Orville Redenbacher? I don't need him here to enjoy this big bowl of popcorn...

  • or do I?

  • And from doing a little research on Google I found this Wikipedia page that lists a ton

  • of other companies that are named after their founders.

  • So let’s land this plane. You can be successful naming your business after yourself or something

  • else. And in order to decide, you need to know your industry and your long term vision.

  • This is all about being clear about what you want and where youre going. Because as

  • Yogi Berra said, and yes it’s a Tweetable:

  • If you don't know where youre going youll wind up somewhere else.”

  • That is my A to your Q Tamara, so don’t think about this too long. Just make a decision

  • and get yourself out there. Now, I would love to hear from you. Have you ever struggled

  • with what to name your company or your website? How did you decide?

  • I wanna hear your story. So, as always, the richest discussions happen after the episode

  • over at, so go there and leave a comment now.

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  • Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. The world needs that special gift

  • that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on

  • MarieTV.

Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

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