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Hi, this is Crown
Today, I'll be introducing Closer from the Chain Smokers
Welcome back to Crown's English Song Spotlight
We introduced Fight Song from Rachel Platten in the last episode
Today, I'll be introducing the hottest song , Closer
Closer is from the popular DJ duo
The Chainsmokers ft Halsey
Because of this song
they reached No.1 on Billboard Hot 100
This song is an EDM hit
with strong beats and conversational lyrics
making it super real
The lyrics are about a couple who broke up long ago
suddenly met at the hotel's bar
When i first heard the song
I thought it was a romantic one
But after Googling on the Internet
the Chainsmokers have a really unique explanation themselves
You guys will know it soon
Today, We'll be reading behind the lyrics
The translation of the lyrics is in the info section
you can take a look if needed
Let's check the song out
Hey, I was doing just fine before i met you
I drink too much and that's an issue
But I'm OK
Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them
But i hope i never see them again
The translation of this part is that
I'm pretty good before meeting you
There are two explanations regarding the timing
It could be the first time they met
or the time they bumped into each other
No matter which timing it is
the "was doing just fine" in the lyrics strongly suggests that
I'll be fine without you
"Was doing" suggests his condition
before meeting the girl
The just in "just fine" further emphasizes the message that I don't care about you
but you can feel there is something going on deep inside
The translation of the lyrics is
maybe I have some drinking issues, but I'm ok
According to the two timings
If it's before meeting the girl, he might be just saying
he has some drinking problems
but if it's the other timing, which is
when they met again, he might be suggesting
he relied alcohol to get out of the relationship
But he still emphasizes
he's perfectly fine and released now
No matter what, he's talking about his weakness
but denying his weakness at the same time
Issue can be seen as a debatable point
or just a problem
If we want to talk behind a person with our BFF
and the person is really annoying
or acting like a moron
we can say that he or she has some serious issues
Don't tell anyone that I taught you this
I know it breaks your heart
Moved to the city in a broke-down car
And four years, no calls
Now you're pretty in a hotel bar and
I, I, I, I, I can't stop
No, I, I, I, I, I can't stop
The translation of the lyrics is
I know i broke your heart
But i still left you and drove that broke-down car to city
The guy admitted that he's the one who dumped the girl
and hurt the girl completely
After ending this relationship
he moved to a major city
You can see they used the same word twice
which are break and broken
Break is a verb
On the other hand, broke is an adjective
Break someone's heart means 傷透了某個人的心
Broke-down car described that
the car's condition couldn't be worse
so you can see the guy drives a broke-down car
he must be poor
The translation of the lyrics is
You haven't contacted me in four years
but now i met you in the hotel bar
When Drew and Alex were writing this song
they really wanted to create an unexpected atmosphere
when meeting their ex accidently
When you meet people in this condition
you will be struck by the memories
and there would be some kind of chemical
"four years, no calls" I personally think that
they not only didn't call each other
but also haven't heard anything of each other
You look as good as the day I met you
I forget just why I left you
I was insane
Stay, and play the Blink-182 song
That we beat to death in Tucson
The translation of the lyrics is
you're still as handsome as before
I totally forgot why I left you
I was probably insane
four years past
you still look so handsome and charming
WTH did i break up with you
I kinda regret it now
This part is very interesting
They both thought that
they were the person who dumped the other
as good as means 一樣好, 一樣帥
phrases with the same meaning are
as far as, as long as, and as soon as
but the "just" here
is different from the one previously mentioned
here, it kinda has the feeling like
WTH did I make this decision
insane means 發瘋 or 發神經
The translations of the lyrics is
Stay and lets think about Tucson, where
we heard the song from Blink-182 millions of times
Now, the girl seems to be attracted to the guy
so she invited him
to relive their happy memories four years ago again
Bline-182 is an American rock band formed in 1992
The song mentioned in the lyrics
is probably "I Miss You"
or "All the Small Things"
hearing "Beat to death", we might thought that
someone was beaten to death
But if it's beat something to death
the meaning is completely different
Beat something to death is
you've done something so repeatly
that you lose the fun doing it
So here is means you heard the same song too many times
the pronunciation of "2 song"
Is similar to Arizona's Tucson
that's why they arranged the lyrics
So, baby pull me closer
In the back seat of your Rover
That I know you can't afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of that mattress that you stole
From you roommate back in Boulder
We ain't never getting older
the translation of the lyrics is
Put me in your warms in the back seat of the car that i know you can't afford
In the story the girl is a rich kid
so she can't afford Rover, a pretty expensive car
It was given to her straight by her family
compared with her ex's broke-down car
they come from different classes
this may be one of the reasons that they broke up
Pull me closer is the main idea
so in the back seat of your Rover
and that i know you can't afford
are just describing the situation
Back seat is how we describe 車子的後座
Rover is a car brand
can't afford something is 付不起
we've taught about this phrase before
in our 10 English Phrases series
You can check it out by clicking the card
The translation of the lyrics is
We'll live in this moment forever
There are also two explanations as well, the first one
is that even though it has been a long time
four years has passed, neither of the couple has grown up
they broke up before and they're making the same mistake now
They didn't learn their lesson
Another explanation is that, in that moment
it was as if they had traveled back in time
It gives people tje feeling that time has frozen and
youth stays forever
" Ain't " is an abbreviation of various phrases
it may be am not, is not, are not
has not, have not
anyways, it just mean not, no or not gonna
this is our English Spotlight today
If you want to listen to the original song, click here
I made this song because of
the poll in the last episode Fightsong
Closer won by a lot in the poll
What song would you like to hear for the next episode?
Don't forget to comment below and let me know
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There'll be new videos every Monday and Thursday at 9 pm
We also have Facebook and Instagram accounts
you can search Ray Du English and find us
And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~
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"Closer" // English Song Spotlight (The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey)

5227 Folder Collection
pikachu published on November 10, 2017
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