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You've worked hard all week. Meetings. Presentations. Emails. More emails. And it's finally the weekend.
Here's the trouble. We spend all week learning how to be productive.
So it's hard to break the seal when Friday comes.
You can try to avoid work. But you're still in work mode.
See, the key to having a real break during the weekend is to do things that are not productive.
So, while turning off the phone is good, creating something with your bare hands is better.
And while turning off the email may be helpful, taking your family on a hiking trip to a state park will actually help you disconnect.
So do something this weekend that makes you focus on being unproductive and it might just feel like a weekend again.
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How to Make the Most of Your Weekend

60858 Folder Collection
劉老 published on February 11, 2015    Resa Sui translated    Christina Yang reviewed
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