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  • [Girl's Singing]

  • Sue? -I can't sleep

  • Well, it's way past your bedtime.

  • Won't you rock me to sleep in your big, strong arms?

  • There's plenty of room under the covers. It's a hot night.

  • You don't need to wear pajamas.

  • Where is my daughter?

  • Are you mad? I am your daughter

  • No, you are not!

  • -Aaaah~ -Aah! Come here! What did you do with Sue?

  • I didn't touch her, I swear

  • I don't believe you!

  • Please! For God's sake, she's a girl!

  • You sick.

  • [Giggles]

  • Daddy

  • How do you like it, huh? Having fun? Aaah! [Thud]

  • Tom, are you..

  • -What in the world? -Shh!

  • Look

  • -What is that thing? -I don't know

  • Maybe Cindy was right....


[Girl's Singing]

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