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You know, I've been good for a whole week now.
Well, keep being good and quit looking at me like that.
I'm not lookin' at you.
Who would want to look at you?
Here, give me that.
-Stop it
Come on, I wanna help...
...you guys do everything!
*protests in Spanish*
...No no no!
You trying to turn me on?
No, I'm trying to cook.
Say that again.
*Speaks in spanish*
Come on, let me go.
Oh, I was just after this spoon.
What spoon?
*Trashes things*
You bastard!
You jealous bastard!
You jealous bastard!
Fuck off!
Porque? Porque?
Right! Right!
I told you nothing's going on.
Greg, baby.
You talkin' bout Shane.
It'd be like doing it with my own brother!
How could you even say this about it?
I caught you!
George! Jealous maniac!
And you better get over it because I'm not sticking around for more!
You threatin' me?
I told you before we got married...
...that I was not your slave. *warm music begins*
*Greg mimics her* No smotherin' Greg, alright?
We have to...
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54 (8/12) Movie CLIP - Jealousy (1998) HD

268 Folder Collection
夢想 published on November 9, 2017
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