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You messed up!
You can make fun of Roblox
Y- you can make fun of Minecraft!
s u p r e m e
Do you like to show off to people that you are cool and make a lot of money?
Do you want to look like this gentleman?
Well just for a few hundred dollars...
You can look like this gentleman!
Clearly a bro.
Or perhaps look like this!
Veeery stylish~
I was literally buying-eh some clothing online yesterday
and I was looking at the prices and anything cool design that you wanna get...
It's gonna cost you a couple hundred dollars.
It's- and I like it. Like, a lot of it is cool.
I'm not just... shitting completely on like brands or whatever.
Some of it- some of it are generally well designed.
Like I found this one.
I'll fuck with this. It looks cool.
But young adults don't make a lot of money.
Like I have to- Not to be all elitist,
but I have to be in like the 1% or something.
12 Yr old bullied ballbag: I want to get overpriced clothing that show that I make a lot of money.
What do you do?
I collect my parents' allowance.
He collects his parents'
That's a pretty- That's a pretty high profile.
What the fuck is happening here?
What the fuck? I didn't-
Can you imagine- Um, having kids
that just want to spend- you know, you work your whole life
To save some money---you get kids, and you spend it all because they want to wear some branded clothing.
Now this is by far nothing new.
I remember back in when I was young everyone in Sweden had these
stupid Canadian goose jackets
That cost like at least a grand.
And I remember if you go to the if you went to like the shady neighbourhoods in Sweden,
They've literally tear that shit up
They'll they'll come they'll come running and nab the sh- the jacket off you,
and I remember it happened to my cousin.
Yeah, if you're Swedish, you know these stupid J. Linda Berg sweaters my god
It was so hard for me to find this photo cuz I swear to God after a certain point anyone that had one of these
Just burned it all. They burned it in shame.
But the big brand you know these days is Supreme.
And my God is it cringe to look at.
What is wrong with people, ok?
I don't mind the brand as much as I hate the culture around it.
People wait literally for days!
So it's not like people just spend a lot of money...
They also just wait for days to get deez items.
It's like the Szechuan sauce all over again.
But why? Surely there must be a good reason.
Hello, Boris (b u l l i e d f a t k i d). How are you?
And why are you here today?
To represent the s u
Really... It just confirms my theory that these branded clothings are literally just for little kids
that got bullied and then now just want to buy their way into looking cool all the sudden to overcompensate.
What is that culture?
Today, we're celebrating North Face (You said su
I don't mean to sound like a bully, but
Like Jesus
I'm here for The North Face collab
And what do you like about North Face?
Nothing.(You dumb trend hopper piece of shit)
Nothing, he likes nothing, yet he is still standing in the line!
To buy The North Face why the fuck is North Face popular all of a sudden like why is that the brand?
It's a fucking cold weather brand
That's all it is. Why? We literally just have to wear them in Sweden
It's not like...
Where do you get the money to buy this?
I work
What do you do?
Did he just say, "I sell drugs"? (DEMONETIZED)
People go into criminal activity to get access to these fine, fine brands!
Do you like lining up is it fun?
Not really
No one enjoys it
Everyone is just having a bad time
The hype and the exclusivity... of it.
The hype and the logo, that's great. That's great.
Like I know I have the cost statues in the back...
I didn't know that was a hypebeast thing.
Everyones like, "Oh! Pewdiepie is a hypebeast!"
I just appreciate art, ok?
I just hate how they're ruined now because of these little kids
okay, oh, it's
Popular so it's cool because it's expensive~
As a kid, I had a lot of North Face because my father used to buy it, so boom. That's like a childhood memory boom
That's like a childhood memory boom. What a captivating story that was gripping
I'm gonna get five sets of everything to resell
Aren't you only allowed one set per person since it's one per person
I have people waiting in line since yesterday and then from there. They give me my stuff and then they eat
They all eat they eat the shirts
It all makes sense now. They eat the shirts. I knew it.
The Fontana Manor likes a little North Face Supreme collaboration. You know?
It's a nice hat to go with everything you know what I mean?
And this is North Face produced not Supreme produced. Not that there's nothin' wrong with dat. Supreme make good shit
But you know.
You know it's better than one brand?
Two brands.
Yeah. As many brands as possible. Please can we have,
50 brands?
Are you a Jordan fan?
and how many NBA titles has he won?
This is the air Jordan x Supreme collaboration. People... people love jordan. That's why they come out here.
Do you know how many NBA titles? He's won?
Nah, nah, not really too sure, nah.
I believe ten.
Someone nearly got sliced in the face from standing in these supreme lines
We see that from the corner of his nose to all the way to like, almost his ear that his face was slashed
He was gushing blood. He's trying to hold his face together. This is said. This is the future 24 hours another slashing
The victim was bleeding you thought the session one sauce was bad
But the real question here is did he get the supreme shirt
Anyone will take a slice to the face for a supreme shirt come on. Let's get real here guys
He was a part of this crowd
He lined up with other skateboard fanatics to buy t-shirts and sneakers so many skateboard fanatics all of a sudden
Huh how about that?
People just love skateboarding all of the sudden
It's sort of become part of Supremes brand to just ehh... put their name on literally anything
I'm sure you've seen the memes now. I didn't know that they were memeing themself which in in a way I can appreciate
But the fact that people still buy them it's just ruins it it ruins the meme so supreme
Just literally put out a brick a red brick with the supreme logo on it as a haha you guys are sheep
You will literally buy anything and there you go a thousand dollars, which
Surprise surprise didn't turn out to be maybe the best investment that you could make
Oooooooh Wow...
So he's getting the crowbar he needs to try that's really it the crowbar the Swiss Army knife
Why did the girl burn because it's a fucking crowbar? What are you gonna do with that? Fucking nothing?
I'm gonna own a fucking crowbar now. That's the fucking shit you see he been waiting 10 hours for a crowbar
That says supreme. I didn't even know it says supreme
three hundred pounds
I kinda want it. I'm not gonna lie
There's a supreme stress ball supreme fire extinguisher in case you're really dying
They literally fucking have my bike as well like that's my bike they fucking stole it these fake-ass fans
You know they don't have the taste of the design. They just want that
Brandy supreme numchucks
Supreme air horn (MLG approved!)
inflatable raft
supreme dice a supreme hair clipper supreme
skateboard for 30,000
Oh my god
Oh wow, I don't care anymore like I've seen these memes or whatever popping up
I didn't know they were serious
130 pound for supreme
White cat well unfortunately, I don't really feel like spending that money
but I really really do want to be part of this supreme cult seeing all this I
Know I've been missing out, and I want to be part of it damn it
Thanks to Tabasco sweet. Who's done a tutorial on how you can make your own supreme hat
I'm gonna try and attempt making one. I bought a cap
$2.99 I bought some fabric one pound let's make this shit
All right, we're gonna start off
By writing
Praising the supreme logo if you don't have it you can literally just add the Colgate logo because it's basically the same thing
So let's try this okay
All right, let's cut off the right size. I am a (mine)crafting channel now everybody
All right absolutely perfect no one's gonna know that this is a fake supreme it'll will be it'll be our lil'
It'll be our little secret
Now this part is quite tricky
It's gonna you're gonna have to basically just draw the outline you
Don't want to give away that it's a fake supreme because the only thing worse than a real supreme is
The fact that you were trying to make a fake supreme
Fuck I'm running out of space we're gonna carefully scalpel out our outline to make the supreme logo we got the s
Very nice. I'm very happy with this is this gonna work out
How's that gonna look? Yeah?
You want me to make one for your beanie?
And there we go!
I ran out of space so we just ended up with suprem.
Suprem > Supreme
You know, I'm starting my own brand.
It's called Suprem.
Now, we're gonna glue gun that bish.
shit~ That is some *hot* Suprem!
Fits my head perfectly!
Look at that!
$3.99 baby
oh very nice
Guys, I forgot as a last step,
We're gonna get some textile
fabric paint alright, and we're just gonna fill in each letter to make sure that it seems as authentic as possible
We are going for 100% authenticity (excellence)
You're not gonna be able to tell a difference.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Now it's done.
Culture will reign! Heck yes fam damn
I look good, so yeah, you can do this yourself if you do post some picture hashtag suprem
Thank you for leaving a like and believing in the suprem nation as a Swiss Steen from another thank you and as always
Squad fam(& sisters) out!
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152 Folder Collection
David Chou published on November 6, 2017
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