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With just a few days to go till Christmas we're very busy here in the kitchen. I've
mostly been making the Christmas Puddings and the Christmas mince pies.
So far I've put in the flour and the breadcrumbs, the suet and the apples. Now I need to put
in the dried fruit. And then we'll add the sugar. You mustn't forget the spice and a
pinch of salt in there as well and some candied peel. Some brandy. We need to put three eggs
in. Now when it comes to making your Christmas pudding you can either put it in a cloth,
what I am going to do is mould it like we do with most of our cakes in the kitchen,
so I shall line this mould here put it in and then boil it for about three - three and
a half hours.
Mmmm, this needs a bit more spice so I am going to add that and in the meantime as it's
only a few days before Christmas, I need to get on!
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How to Make a Traditional Christmas Pudding

284 Folder Collection
甜舌頭 published on November 3, 2017
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