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  • Whenever the FBI hears a piece of gossip or information,

  • such as "I saw so-and-so out with another woman, not his wife."

  • we're supposed to write everything down in memos.

  • All your secrets are safe with us.

  • How long have you been in the FBI?

  • Thirty years.

  • That's a lot of information.

  • I give you the guardian of the American dream.

  • Mark Felt, fidelity, integrity, bravery.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, the G-man's G-man.

  • What is it?

  • You'd better get down here.

  • Five men were caught early this morning in the Washington headquarters,

  • of the Democratic national community.

  • Here's what we know:

  • the men who broke into the Watergate are not the end of this thing,

  • but the beginning.

  • No more interviews with White House people without permission. - What?

  • We put the investigation to bed in two days.

  • The director of the FBI ordered the FBI to stop its own investigation?

  • The nation tonight is in the midst of what may be

  • the most critical constitutional crisis in its history.

  • The White House has no authority over the FBI.

  • Maybe we can? - At all.

  • All this truth, now it must be terrifying to you.

  • No one can stop the driving force of an FBI investigation.

  • Not even the FBI.

  • What you're doing will bring down the whole house of cards.

  • Washington Post.

  • This comes from classified FBI files, the White House has it,

  • and now you have it.

  • FBI agents have established Watergate incident as political sabotage.

  • There's a spy in the FBI.

  • The White House is gonna sanitize the entire town.

  • How high? How high does this go?

  • What about the President? Is the President lying?

  • They're all lying.

  • There's a nickname for you at the paper.

  • Deep throat.

Whenever the FBI hears a piece of gossip or information,

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