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  • And how do you feel about Bitcoin?

  • So, we've been looking a lot at...

  • particularly Blockchain as a technology,

  • so let's say in back when we started to use Blockchain,

  • I think it is a technology which is gonna get more and more adoption over time.

  • But what that doesn't mean,

  • is that the value of Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrencies,

  • should continue to go up and up.

  • Cryptocurrencies show many of the characteristics of a bubble right now,

  • which is: you've seen spectacular price increases,

  • the main argument for buying them is that prices have risen,

  • and are therefore going to continue to rise over time,

  • but there is no inherent right or wrong price for Bitcoin.

  • What's the fair value on that?

  • I'm an investor, I like to come up with what's the fair value.

  • I think about the fair value of stocks, or the fair value of bonds.

  • I can't answer the question of what's the fair value for Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency,

  • and for that reason,

  • I'm not an earner.

And how do you feel about Bitcoin?

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