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What happens if you received a notice for a Clerk Magistrate Hearing?
Come’ on in.
I’m Michael DelSignore.
I’m that's not going to explain the process of defending yourself at Clerk Magistrate
Clerk Magistrate is a hearing where you'll appeal before the clerk of the court to prevent
a criminal charge from being issued against you.
So if you received a notice of a Clerk Hearing, typically it's for a charge of negligent operation,
leaving the scene of property damage or it could even be for an assault battery with
a police didn't make an arrest and somebody filed a private complaint against you.
This is an opportunity to head off the criminal charges from going any further.
Even in an OUI case, if you say taken to the hospital you may receive a Clerk Magistrate
What you have to do to get a Clerk Magistrate Hearing if you can get a citation is, you’ve
got to fill up the back of the form, send it into the court and then you'll receive
a notice probably within three weeks requesting you to appear before the clerk of the court
regarding this Clerk Magistrate Hearing.
Typically Clerk Magistrate Hearings are scheduled for 9:30, 10:30 or 11:30 so you know you have
you have a notice for Clerk Magistrate Hearing if this time is not 8:30.
If your sked for 8:30 probably on for arraignment.
But what happens at these hearings is a chance to come up with a practical resolution of
the case many times say for example a negligent operation case where you rear-ended somebody
and the police officer want to charge of negligent operation.
If you don't have a bad driving after many times I can have the clerk agree not to issue
the complaints and say we continue the case for a time period.
Sometimes you may have to take a driving course, it’s a chance for us to sort of compromise
the case work things out in a practical fashion so you don't have charges formally filed in
court and you don't have any entering your criminal record.
If you have any questions about Clerk Magistrate Hearing, feel free to call me my name's Michael
DelSignore, I represent people of these Clerk Magistrate Hearings throughout Massachusetts.
I handle them every day.
I’d be happy to talk to you.
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What happens at a Clerk Magistrate Hearing in Massachusetts

68 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on October 30, 2017
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