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-I was very happy I got to spend a week with you.
-Yeah, that was fun. -Do you remember me?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-We hosted "Saturday Night Live" together.
You were the musical guest, I was the host, and it was --
I thought it was so fun hanging out with you,
because we're like neighbors when we were doing it.
-Yeah. -Right?
Our dressing rooms were right next to each other.
-Yeah. -I totally enjoyed it.
You were great in sketches, as well.
You did sketches, which you didn't have to do.
You helped me with the "Party at my Parents' House."
-That's my first war movie.
-Yeah, it was!
"Party at my Parents'," "Dunkirk" is the second one.
Yeah, first one is...
♪♪ Oh oh, oh oh oh ♪♪
♪♪ Party at my parents' house ♪♪
Yeah, okay.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I'm available to open for you on tour, as well.
-I appreciate it. I'll be next door.
I'll be next door in September.
-You will? -Yeah.
-At Radio City? -Yeah.
-You're doing Radio City Music Hall.
-I'm very excited for it. I'm looking forward to it.
-Are you excited about doing a big tour again?
-I am. Yeah, I love performing.
It's my favorite part.
-That's just gonna be so exciting.
You're doing Madison Square Garden.
You're just doing the whole world.
You're gonna be on tour for, like --
-I like the world.
-Yeah, I know. Well, the world likes you.
I just thought it was so -- I remember, like --
We were doing rehearsal for "Saturday Night Live."
And no one kind of knew what kind of song
you were gonna put out.
Everyone's like, "Oh, it's gonna be a pop song,
it's a dance song."
And then, you curveballed everybody.
Oh, man.
[ Laughter ]
Oh, I loved it so much!
"Sign of the Times" is just so good.
-Thank you so much. -You really did it up.
I loved it. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-And the video was fantastic.
-Thank you.
I mean, I flew, yeah.
-You flew, yeah. -I flew a bunch.
-You flew around. Who directed that video?
Do I know him or her?
-It was a -- It was a --
It was a, uh -- It was a --
It was a collaboration of a few different people.
-It was? -Yeah.
-And do you always think that that's the video --
It's gonna be the video, of you flying?
-I mean, if I'm honest, no.
-You didn't.
I would've been happy doing, like,
some sort of greenscreen thing.
When they told me I was gonna do it,
the first kind of e-mails about it,
the idea, when they sent it to me, they were like,
"You know, you'll only have to hang like 20 feet, tops."
[ Light laughter ]
And then, as it kind of got closer,
they were like, "All right, it might be 50 feet."
It was like, day before, they're like,
"You might have to go 100 feet."
I'm like, "Okay."
And then, you know, I don't know what it was in the end.
-I had no idea it was gonna happen.
I just want to show just a clip.
Here's a little clip of "Sign of the Times" video.
Watch this.
♪♪ Just stop your crying ♪♪
♪♪ It's a sign of the times ♪♪
♪♪ We gotta get away from here ♪♪
♪♪ We gotta get away from here ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I just didn't see you taking off and flying.
It was so well done. I loved it.
But now you have the new single, "Two Ghosts."
-Yep. [ Cheering ]
-And how do you top that video with "Two Ghosts"?
-Is it about the paranormal? Is it about --
-Yeah, yeah.
-'Cause normally, when people get haunted,
it's by one ghost.
-Right. This is the thing.
That's what's so scary about this is,
it's, like, I'm kind of --
I'm really concerned about the fact there's a ghost.
-Yeah, exactly.
-And then... -Who's over here?
-...there's another one.
-You say to yourself, "You got to be kidding me."
-Now they're almost, like, canceling each other out.
-Yeah. Are they having conversations?
Are they talking to each other?
-Yeah. They're kind of busy with each other,
so I'm not really bothered by either ghost.
-They're ignoring you, and you're like,
"Hey, you're in my space, you're in my world."
-Give me some ghosty.
-Give me a little ghost time, and let's talk about things.
-I just -- I'm very excited
to see the video and to --
I got to say, I think my jam is, uh...
-"Kiwi"! -No, "Carolina."
I know, and "Kiwi" is good, too.
[ Laughter ]
"Carolina" -- I don't know why --
Oh, "Meet Me in the Hallway" I love, too.
That was the first track I listened to, and I go,
I'm really gonna give you --
I was gonna give you notes on it.
-That's excellent. -Like you would care.
-I would take notes. -No, you wouldn't.
-I would listen to them. -You would listen to them.
-I would listen to them.
-But I loved every song. -Thank you very much.
-It reminded me of so many people and different sounds.
I go, "Oh, that sounds a little bit -- no.
That sounds like -- no. That sounds like Pink Floyd?
No, it sounds like this."
No. It's something that kept changing.
"Sounds like Harry Nilsson? No."
I just loved it.
It was a good mix of everything.
-Appreciate that. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I'm happy for you.
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Harry Styles and Jimmy Bonded as Dressing Room Neighbors on SNL

687 Folder Collection
林雯 published on October 29, 2017
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