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  • (gasping and shouting)

  • The doctor will be along shortly. You have my word, you won't be harmed.

  • Ben Kingsley is Doctor Silas Lamb, the superintendent of

  • a gabled, gothic asylum in the snowy highlands. But is Lamb really who he claims to be? And

  • what's Michael Caine doing down in that basement? The answers are revealed in Stonehearst Asylum.

  • I don't mean to harm you, Mr Ogre. I just want to see your hair.

  • Oh good God.

  • (Xan) Catherine, this is kind of cheesy old rubbish but I quite liked it

  • (Catherine) Yeah, I was really not looking forward to it. I think any British film with the word

  • asylum in it is never a good start. But it does make a weirdly good double bill with

  • The Falling. Good in a good way. It's really quite jolly, sort of what British cinema almost

  • should be for, or almost was in the old days. (Xan) Oh yeah

  • (Catherine) This is it, I sort of loved it from very early on when Jim Sturgess, who's

  • a doctor who's come to work at this asylum, the DiCaprio part to some extent, chats somebody

  • up with the line "I doubt lepers are so charming" (laughs) I'm going to use that!

  • (Xan) You'll have ample opportunity around the office!

  • (Peter) Only with journalists instead of lepers, yeah

  • (Catherine) I thought it was great. I thought the one genius move was to give Kate Beckinsale

  • something to do after all these years (Xan) Yeah, a lot of piano playing

  • (Catherine) (laughs) You know, a lot of being batty. All she gets to do generally is just

  • wear rubber and jump about a bit.

  • Do as I say. Leave, now.

  • Eliza, please! Eliza! Please! (gasps)

(gasping and shouting)

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