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Hello again!
This time, let's explore Vienna.
It was a 3 hour drive between Cesky Krumlov and Vienna.
We went with a private company, called CK Shuttle,
and they made everything just so easy.
Guess where we are now!
We just arrived in Vienna.
We just walked into our hotel room now
at Prince Eugen.
Through the front door, on the right here,
we got a wardrobe, and the first time this whole entire trip,
we have a safe.
So now we don't need to carry all our belongings and our passports with us,
we can just lock it all up.
So that's good to have!
On the left here...
we have the bathroom.
Let's turn on the lights.
we got a mirror, got a hairdryer,
a sink,
and a shower...
and then when you walk into the room,
we have a little TV
with a desk.
And then, you can see our double bed.
There's a full-body mirror, which is good.
And there's a heater.
Oh and we actually got a aircon unit in this room.
But it's not that hot today, it actually looks gloomy. It looks like it's gonna rain actually.
Then we got a little balcony, which I don't know how to get into...
A: Oh hello. W: It's double door, so that blocks out a lot of noise.
And so yeh..out onto our little balcony here...
A: Ha! We picked a great hotel.
It's terrible because of all the construction...
W: Well yeh...the view isn't great...
...but at least it's convenient...
You can literally see the station, you can see the trains going past.
Let me zoom in for you.
So it's just across there.
Welcome to Vienna!
So we just walked out of our hotel which is right behind us
Prince Eugen hotel. And we are just walking down the street towards the Belvedere Park and Palace area.
And we're just gonna go for a bit of a stroll
and explore this city.
We've never been here.
A: We're back in metro land... W: Yeh...
A: Metropolis! W: Vienna's a lot more busier and bigger than I thought it was...
...in comparison to Prague and Cesky Krumlov which we've just come from...
A: Which are tiny in comparison.
But at the same time, a lot of their architecture was built by the Austrians
Cause they did rule there for a little while...
A: For a very long time. W: Yeh
And so, you'd think that when you come to Vienna, you'd actually see very similar type of architecture, but...
so far, we've only seen a lot of high rise buildings.
A: But we haven't hit the old town yet. W: Yeh, we haven't hit the old town yet, that's very true.
This is the Belvedere complex.
It contains two Baroque palaces
and a beautifully landscaped garden.
Can you believe, this huge complex,
was originally built as just a summer residence?
The building within the Belvedere,
are now used as a museum
that houses some of the greatest collections of Austrian Art.
We weren't in Vienna for long enough to go inside,
but we did spend some time walking around the gardens and exploring the grounds.
Just found something really random guys... why is there a snowman here?
Some of the sculptures and water fountains in this garden
are so impressive.
It's so nice here,
cause even though there are tourists, it's pretty quiet.
Like look behind me... there's really not that many people at all.
I feel like I'm in Alice in Wonderland.
In the lower Belvedere,
we popped inside this building
to see if we could get a sneak peek
of what was on exhibit.
We came across this room that was covered in art,
look how pretty it is!
Next time,
we have to go inside
and have a proper look at the museum.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration,
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See you in the next video.
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EUROPE TRAVEL VLOG #18: Follow me to Vienna pt 1/2 - Exploring the Belvedere

448 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on October 28, 2017
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