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This girl plays mom to baby rhinos.
They're very social animals, they need that consistent company.
So, like, want to sit on your lap.
who lost their moms to poachers
It's to mimic the mother
in the wild, that bond is amazing.
And when the rhinos bond to us,
it's incredible.
Nandi was thriving when she got to the orphanage,
She was doing very well actually, when she first arrvied.
But soon she got stressed and sick.
I actually haven't ever seen colic that bad.
It was extremely painful for her.
Jamie slept by her side all night long,
until she made a full recovery.
It was very slow progress. But she got better, and now she's very fat.
She made friends with my cat Mewie.
Jamie takes care of all the animals.
We pretty much take in everything.
Baby buffalo,
a sable,
bush babies,
a three-legged squirrel,
Oh! We have an elephant as well.
So there's just animals everywhere!
But she'll never stop helping rhinos.
I mean, rhinos are incredible!
And they've all got very funny personalities.
Here, bring it with us!
Thanks for the help!
They all love to be scratched under their tummy,
it's so funny!
It's sad that more people don't get to see
that side of them,
they look like big prehistoric lazy animals,
but they're so special.
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Girl Is Mom to Baby Rhinos | The Dodo

13473 Folder Collection
Tina Hsu published on November 15, 2017    Tina Hsu translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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