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As your future vice president,
I'm not just gonna create jobs, I'm gonna make the job
you already have better. And I'm gonna do that
by raising awareness, to help improve conditions
for everyone.
I've been polling the American people asking you to share what you hate about your job.
We started with nurses, we asked them what they hate about
their job. And tonight, we will hear from restaurant servers
from waiters, waitress, whatever you what to call them.
We ask them tell us what you hate about your jobs,
and they did, and this is just a tiny fraction of many responses we received.
What I hate about being a server,
is when parents order food for their thirteen-year-old kid,
who's completely capable, but they're just too busy being on their cellphone.
You're raising an idiot!
What I hate about serving,
is the old,
Use your words!
What I hate about being a waiter is the extra side of ranch,
the extra side of ranch,
the extra side of ranch,
the extra side of ranch,
and don't forget the extra side of ranch.
For anyone doesn't know guacamole is a dollar extra.
What I hate about waiting tables is when you ask
people if they want bacon or sausage,
and they respond with bacon
because they can't have pork.
That really happens, a lot.
What I hate about serving is when people come in
with dietary restriction and expect me to learn everything about it.
Lady, I wearing a flower shirt, do I look like I am
a dietitian, doctor, or nutritionist?
I hate when customers they got big huge deal about
their gluten allergy and change everything on the menu
but then for dessert they order a piece of cake and say
"Oh, why I can't have a little bit of gluten?"
You're not really allergic to gluten,
you're just obnoxious.
Dollar tip, yeah, that's gonna fill my gas tank.
Yeah, verbal compliments don't pay for my gas.
Getting tip things that aren't money.
I recently got tip condoms,
so that was super annoying.
If I want condoms, I'll buy them with my tip money.
What's up Jim Kim,
what I really hate about waiting tables now,
is that I'm also expected to be a photographer,
that a whole other profession.
Campers. If you gonna stay at my table for four hours,
you need to leave a twenty bucks an hour,
that how we make our money.
When you work at a pizza place, and you go to
take your table, their pizza, and they ask
"Do you have ketchup?"
What I hate about serving, is when of the girl
thinks you're you're trying to steal her man,
so she stiffs you on the tip,
when all I'm trying do is my job,
and it's called hospitality.
When the guy leaves his number on the tab
but then he leaves a really bad tip.
I hate when the guy doesn't leave a tip on his receipt,
but he leaves his phone number instead.
Thanks, I'm gonna call you, and threaten you.
I hate the constant leers I get, at this sexy body.
I would show you, but I'm not wearing pants.
Thank you guys, for participating,
and yet since school's back in session,
next, I'd like to hear from teachers.
What you don't like being teachers, teachers?
Tell us about the annoying students, the parents,
the faculty lounges, whatever bugs you about teaching,
teach it to us, record yourself, keep it brief,
if you need to wear a mask, go ahead and do it, and post it to YouTube,
with the hashtag #whatIhate in title so we can find it,
and then keep an eye for a message from us to our YouTube account.
Thanks for watching, if you like that, subscribe for our YouTube channel,
for all our latest videos and if you didn't,
subscribe anyway, it's free, who cares?
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Restaurant Servers Reveal What They Hate About Their Jobs #WhatIHate

18697 Folder Collection
jenny published on November 17, 2017    jenny translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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