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So the first thing you see,
the second you walk into the Wismec factory
is this little TV here
and we have YouTube videos on loop
of all the products we’ve done in the past.
So it’s just kind of a fun little way of
looking back and having people also be
introduced to the things we do here.
And this is the front des—
Oh, hi Jay-Bo.
[incoherent mumbling]
Come on; let me show you the factory.
So this whole building in brand new.
We’ve grown a lot in the last year,
Wismec as a company,
so we had to move our facility to this location
where we have much more capabilities for manufacturing.
So this place is bustling with new people,
setting things up.
All the assembly lines aren’t really even set up yet,
so you’ll see people running back-and-forth.
Oh, hi Jay-Bo!
[whimsical music]
It's a me, Mario!
Don’t get distracted now.
So, this is the actual assembly floor here.
We have all of the admin cubicles here on the left;
these are the quality control managers.
These guys work very hard
to make sure that everything runs swimmingly.
Oh, speak of the devil.
Hi Jay-Bo!
So that's it for now and the line!
What do you think?
Down this way,
we have a few other workers assembling
some final products where right before
they get packed up and shipped.
And oh look
you can see the QC manager there.
[Imperial March]
This is the main office building.
Now I'm here early in doing this video
just because I'm here.
The main team hasn't quite moved over yet
but what we're gonna do right now is
I'm taking you to go check out one
of the other American designers
that designs with me in California
He's fantastic.
His name is Jon.
And we are gonna go see him now!
Why hello!
[Chewbacca noise]
This is Jon.
Hey everybody!
He is the designer that has been working
with me in California for quite some time
now on several different products.
Most recently would be the RX75.
This guy right here.
Yeah uh, Jon did a fair bit of work with this.
He and I both worked with twisted420.
So Jon is the quintessential perfect fit for the Wismec team
in the States cause he is case in
point excellently skilled in everything that I am not.
Nah which isn't much though
but he's good at everything (no he's good).
Everything that we put out at Wismec
is usually a collaborative work between the two of us.
Keep an eye out on this one
as he is gonna be releasing his own products shortly (mhm).
Not gonna release his brand just yet.
Yes many in the pipeline.
Keep an eye on my Instagram,
on Wismec's Instagram
and we'll do a proper intro to
the vaping community when the time comes.
But uh, yeah!
Thanks for enjoying this tour with us
cause this is our first time
and now this is your first time,
your experience and hope you enjoyed it.
Take care. Later guys!
[hyena laughter]
[more hyena laughter]
So the first thing you see
when you come into Wismec
is this beautiful television right behind me.
Behind you.
[uncontrollable laughter]
[more LOL]
So the first thing you see when you come into Wismec is.
[Jaybo dubstep]
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Wismec Factory Tour with JayBo

150 Folder Collection
Danny Wang published on October 24, 2017
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