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- I'm going on the axe throwing circuit.
Kim says that's my working face.
I've got two awesome dogs.
Morning trainiacs, forgot
until about four minutes ago,

that the morning group ride
is moving up from six AM,

like it start out as,
tires are still pumped,
to 5:45 AM, now that it is
getting light out earlier.

As per usual lately, I gotta hustle.
What isn't changing from the
last couple weeks however,

is how cold it is.
It's like three degrees Celsius out there.
A little bit of money, I got a
Triathlon Taren red bike pump

I got keys, I got a toque, an awesome dog.
I got two awesome dogs.
Ohh, times a wasting.
I got cheaper toe covers from Alibaba,
that cost five dollars,
winter mitts, unmounted GoPro,

and because I didn't have time
to brush my teeth, chewing gum.
And we rollin'.
There they go, there they go,
there they go, there they go,

I gotta get them.
I gotta catch up, I gotta
catch up, I gotta catch up.

(mellow music)
Oh, what do we got, 50 K?
Maximum power, 833 watts.
Normalized power, 237 watts.
Training stress score, which I don't
really know what it means, 120.
Density factor, 80.849, I don't
really know what that means.

Holy shirts and pants,
with all the long swim
training, my fitness is there.

I can hang in the group with
the front pack the entire way

and help do the work and take polls.
But as soon as the cycling
specific dudes hit that, bam,

to take off at the final
sprints, bye-bye Taren.

Y'all ever wonder how glamorous it is
to edit a Tri Taren video?
You're about to see it.
(mellow music)
Kim says that's my working face.
I work hard.
And two short hours later, we done.
It is time for a good old fashioned
brick background sit down here, folks.
And I'm going to say old fashioned
because what we're talking about today
is the history, that's not
the history, of triathlon.

How did it start?
Where did it come from?
Why is it called triathlon?
Well, that's pretty
clear, it's three sports.

When did it get into the Olympics?
Where did triathlon start?
How did Ironman come to be?
I just spent a little bit of time
on the old answer machine,
AKA Google, and we got
a fair bit of info here.

I knew some of it, but I
didn't know the exact dates

and the order of how it came together,
and the one thing that I didn't know
is that triathlon, as in any sort of sport
where there are three sports
comprised into one sport,

has actually been around since the 1920s.
The first documentation
of any sort of triathlon

was from France in the 1920s and '30s
and it was called Les trois sport.
I need to work on rolling my Rs
for the French folk out there.
The first one that was
documented that I think they have

access to is 1.9 mile run,
then a 7.5 mile bike
and then a swim across the channel Marne.
And then there are some other races
that were a swim, a bike, and canoe,
or a run, a bike, and canoe.
But it was always just
like three outdoor sports.

There was never any one set,
here is what we're
calling Les trois sport.

The very, very first
documented modern day triathlon

was in Mission Bay, San Diego, in 1974,
and on September 25th, 1974,
46 people completed the
Mission Bay Triathlon

that was founded by Jack
Johnstone and Don Shanahan

who were, at the time, runners.
They were track athletes.
Just a few short years later,
somebody in Oahu, I didn't
even look to see who this was.

Be right with you.
I knew it was a woman,
it was Judy Collins.

She wanted to create a sport
where you could find out

who the best athlete was,
a swimmer, a cyclist, or a runner.
So, they came up with
the Ironman Triathlon,

which was originally held
on the island of Oahu,

not the current island in Kona, in 1978.
And the concept was that they would take
several of the very marquee
races in each of the sports

all around Oahu, the
Waikiki Roughwater Swim,

the Oahu Bike Around The Island,
and then the Honolulu Marathon,
and do it consecutively,
which was really crazy,

because at the time,
just the bike race alone
was a two day event.

And the winner of that race
would be called the Ironman.

So, on the February 18th, 1978,
15 athletes started the 2.4 mile swim,
the 115 mile bike, and
then the full marathon.

In the end, the winner was
US Navy Communications
Specialist, Gordon Haller,

who won in a finishing time of
11 hours, 46 minutes, and 58 seconds,
and then basically for an entire decade,
triathlon and Ironman was done
as a real grassroots sport.

It was held by small
organizations here and there.

It grew at a very small rate,
but in 1989, the ITU,
the International Triathlon Union,
became the governing
body for what at the time

was just going to focus on the Olympics.
It has since grown into
being the short course

athlete governing body.
They run the under 23, the
under 21 junior program.

They run their own long
distance triathlon.

They have become a behemoth, themselves
and it all feeds athletes
into that short course

Olympic distance, draft legal race,
that we see in the Olympics.
So, there you go, that's
how triathlon started.

Now, you know what I'm going to do?
We're going to go ax throwing.
Actually, I'm not going ax throwing,
I'm going to shoot some ax throwing
for a client that we work with,
but you better believe that
I'm gonna try and get my paws

on some of them axes.
Smells like manhood in here.
Here we go.
Okay, I actually got to do
some work here for a second.

(hiphop music)
- I'm going to teach him how to do it.
(hiphop music)
- I'm going on the ax throwing circuit.
Well, I highly recommend ax throwing.
It's fun and fashionable.
I think I was good because of the beard.
That's it, that's a day.
This is work, I charge people for this.
I used to have to sling mutual
funds and life insurance.

Alright trainiacs, it's home time, later.
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How did triathlon start?

188 Folder Collection
Ntiana published on October 17, 2017
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