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Dude Perfect, what's up guys were Dude Perfect and welcome to the very first ever build a boat battle. Woah boys.
Lets go get some supplies, Whoo!
Build A Boat Challenge
The rules for this battle are simple, build a homemade boat, stay within the budget, and get to the other side of the pond
Fastest time is the winner
Howdy partners captain Ty(Tyler) here captain of the stealth floater I decided to go with the Handy PVC pipe welcome to
the plastic bottle boat
Captain Cody checking into the game I will be going with the catamaran sailboat.
Ladies and gentlemen these guys clearly have not watched enough television. Welcome to the as-seen-on-TV boat
face is made out of some storage containers. This is the stability part of the boat
I know it doesn't look like a boat right now looks like a pile of plastic bottles
That's because you're here now and not once it looks like a boat
I don't know why I made this, but I think this is on sailboats basically
I'm trying to make a little contraption right now to just kind of churn butter really
Water in this case I am going to take mesh made of metal. I'm going to spray a sealant on it I
Went straight through the boat, I'm sinking with that situation, but I've just activated the back-up plan tape
I love building boats, man
It is a great day
There's a lot of excitement in the air right now Christopher Columbus himself
Inspired me to create our own boats my main means of acceleration is the wind
I think it might sail on land if I'm not careful
ladies and gentlemen
I honestly could not be more proud I almost wore a suit and tie today because how confident I am that I'm not getting wet
I just want to direct your attention to the double jet propulsion in the back. I feel like I'm gonna fly
No, not sure. She'll float she's kind of heavy at least this will be considered a brutal forearm workout
I switched from the spray-on sealant to the
Sealed tape my ore I literally think I can win ladies and gentlemen
This is the stealth floater the rear side of the ship. It's powered by a weed eater. I attached a metal fan blade
By now you've seen all the boat designs comment below who you think is gonna win
He's off boys
Oh no his rudder came off oh no in an epic failure the only way to steer his
ship is gone

Hey ty what do you call somebody who sails a Salesman oh nice dude
Under five minutes under five minute crossing I think Christopher would be proud of that turns out I'm not a great sailor
But I'm just glad I'm not underwater. Here's a deal the boat floats when you put weight on it the boat does not flow
Oh, No
Don't think I'm moving boys. Alright is it officially over Garr? It's sinking.
That's all we needed to hear
Good try again. I'm proud of you
It's just like jet ski meets hovercraft meets, Coby cruise into his second ever victory good luck, sir
This is so funny
Three minutes and 59 seconds we have a new leader jetskis still going
That is a recyclable jetski that's amazing all right Cory. You got to beat 3:59
How do you feel my new boat renamed the tape me to victory? He's gonna. Take me all the way across
Go Cor go.
faster he took a metal mesh and sealed it with tape and is
Absolutely destroying the competition right now. It is paying off tremendously folks
This is gonna be close, go Cory
Go into the seaweed powers through
Already come ashore ladies and gentlemen with a time of 3 minutes
and 5 seconds yeah (celebration! good job Cory)
Yeah only Ty can dethrone him up at this point folks
Guys I'm so tired, but I'm so happy right now
I just made a canoe out of tape alright folks it all comes down to this
Oh my word. he's in the mud boys.
Cory's feeling good right now
This might be the worst design of them all
My god. I did not see that coming. It was such a good design
Was it it's the face of a defeated man?
I was outsmarted today little over engineered the thought was good didn't account for the weeds in the pond
Ladies and gentlemen if we've learned anything today, it's that you were an impressive, man Christopher Columbus, man
My boat wouldn't have gone out of the harbor. We lost one right off the bat, Cory
It is not my honor, but it is certainly my duty to present you with the Mayflower. Golden ship guys
I'm so happy wanna say thanks to Chris you really taught me a lot, and I appreciate it as Chris Columbus
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Merch click right here sign it off for now pound it now again
Walk slowly buddy yeah, and I'm gonna go get my boat
Might save this for airplane battle few modifications. I'll be in good shape
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Build A Boat Battle | Dude Perfect

272 Folder Collection
sd published on October 15, 2017
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