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  • Hey?

  • Hey.

  • Uh, did you drop this...?

  • On your way in here?

  • I don't know, I just wanted to come return it.

  • Probably, I don't know, you can just leave it there.

  • yeah, of course

  • Yeah, of course.

  • Cool.

  • Cool.

  • Uh, hey?

  • It's, I had this, like, really weird question.

  • Um, we're really good friends, and um, we get along.

  • Do you think we'll ever, like, be more than that?

  • Probably not.

  • No?

  • Like who wants to do that?

  • Yeah, ha ha.

  • Well, let's just say, uh, we weren't friends, right? And we just met?

  • No.

  • Well...

  • I'll get out of your way.

  • Hey, let's just say, I won the lottery, right?

  • And I had hundreds of millions of dollars...

  • And I, uh... I, uh...

  • ...drove a Ferrari.

  • You know, let's just say I needed somebody to spend that money with.

  • Would you date me then?

  • You mean...

  • I think you're a douchebag.

  • I'm not a gold digger. I'd buy my own car.

  • That's not what I meant, okay?

  • What I meant was, let's just say...

  • You were walking to work, right

  • It's a beautiful sunny day...

  • The grass is green,

  • the butterflies are out,

  • and nothing can possibly go wrong.

  • There's no one else at the park, just me.

  • And out of nowhere, two guys in ski masks come out.

  • And you don't know what to do.

  • And, and they're trying to steal your purse, and I'm the only one there, and secretly I'm this superhero, right?

  • Well, good thing I took eight years of self-defense.

  • I see you got moves.

  • Okay, cool.

  • Wait till you see mine.

  • Let's just say we're at the club, right?

  • All right.

  • And, uh, you're feeling the music.

  • You're really feeling the music.

  • And now we're approaching each other.

  • Okay?

  • And uh, you know, I ask you to dance. Hey, you want to dance?

  • Then I'd just be, like, no, thank you.

  • Hey, do you want to dance?

  • Yeah, sure.

  • Okay, but, let's say everyone's taken.

  • Then I'd just dance by myself.

  • Let's just say we were the last two people on Earth.

  • Do you think you'd go out with me?

  • Are you kidding me?

  • I'll just go survive on my own.

  • But let's just say you can't survive on your own...

  • ...because I have all the food in the world.

  • Then I'll die.

  • Let's just say you were immortal,

  • and the only way to die was to go out with me?

  • Let's just say and and and let's just say, um, the...

  • Fine!

  • Alright, I'll go out with you. God. Is that you want to hear? We can go get sushi.

  • We could have a nice romantic evening. You can pick me up in your freakin little Ferrari and spend the night together.

  • Me and you. Okay?

  • Oh no, no, no, I was just bored in my office and just want to ask a question.

  • Besides...

  • you're not my type.

  • Wait, wait, but, let's just say I was your type.

  • It'd be too late cuz this video's over.

  • Let's just say the video wasn't over. Would you date me then? Because I think I'm kinda cute.

  • No. I don't think...


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