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What's he doing?
He's making
the wrong face!

Look who just
sent me a text!

Maddy McAlister??
What should I say?
Just play it cool.
Welcome to the world
inside your phone

where everyone is expected to act
one way their whole life.

Aww... snap!
My name is Gene
and I'm supposed to
be a "meh".

You know, like "meh,
who cares?"

My problem is
I have more than one emotion.

Check this out!
Huh, huh?
Ha ha ha!
Son, please tell me
you weren't laughing just now.
What if you get sent out
on the phone

making the wrong face?
Dad, I'll make the right face
then I'll finally fit in.
Sweetie, you're so handsome
when you make that face.

I think he's ready, Mel.
That's our user, Alex.
We have an incoming text!
We are go for meh!
Who, me?
What's he doing?
He's making
the wrong face!

Huh, what the heck?
Welcome to the loser
lounge where the Emojis

who never get used hang out.
Wassup, Hi Five?
I'm an Emoji.
I gotta have some
sort of purpose here.

I'm gonna help you.
We need to get off the phone
and find the source code.

Then I can fit in!
Let's roll!
Bye, Felicia.
First we have to
get through this-

What's Alex's
girlfriend's name again?

It was...
Access denied.
I want to say Lupita,
but that doesn't feel right now
that I'm saying out loud.

I think you're pretty cool
just the way you are.

Nobody leaves the phone!
Delete them!
My feelings are huge.
Maybe I'm meant to
have more than just one emotion.

Where am I??
Candy Crush!
Divine! Sweet!
Tasty! Delicious!
Urrgh, I'm never eating
another piece of candy EVER again.

High Five, don't do it.
Don't you do it.
It's already been in there once.

[toilet flush]
Okay, son. What do we do
after we go potty?

Should we wash our hands?
Ha ha ha!
We're number two!
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The Emoji Movie International Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

176 Folder Collection
Steven published on October 14, 2017
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