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Hi, we're the fine brothers
Consider yourselves frightfully warned!
We're about tho spoil the endings of 100 horror movies...
in one take
in under five minutes
starting now!
Dracula is killed.
Dracula is killed.
Dracula is killed.
Dracula is killed.
Dracula is killed.
Dracula reveals himself to be Judas - yes, that Judas - and
Dracula is killed!
note to self every Dracula movie will end the same way
Frankenstein monster is burned inside a windmill by angry villagers
the monster destroys the lab killing himself
they all die except for Alison Clear
they all die except for Kimberly, officer Burk and the pregnant lady
they all die
they all die
Rachel copy's a tape and passes it on to save Aidan
Rachel is pulled inside the tape roll and jumps of a cliff which reunite's her with Aidan
they finally believe Dr. Bennett right before he's committed to a mental hospital and they call the police and we are left to wonder what happens next
they kill IT who's true form is a spider
Nancy kills Freddy with the film ends with Freddy capturing her mom and friends
Lisa kisses Freddy who burns to death revealing Jessy in the ashes but the film ends with Freddy's glove busting through there friends chest
Nancy dies after she helps destroy Freddy
the soles kill Freddy by ripping his skull apart but his reflection is seen in the water
Freddy is turned into an infant and his mom sucks him back up into her whomb
Freddy is killed by a pipe bomb finally dead forever but then it made money soo..
Freddy's in the real world killing people associated with making the films, Freddy burns in a furnace and dies
Freddy is killed but appears in a mirror kills Nancy's mother and pulls Nancy through the mirror
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they think Jason is killed but of course they're wrong and he kills Paul the girl survives

Chris kills Jason but goes insane and is taken away to the asilem
Tommy and Chris killed jason this was supost to be the final one but there is oh so many more
jason is killed but its not jason its roy burns
Jason is killed at the bottom of the lake but the film ends showing him alive
tina has magical powers and brings her farther back from the dead who then drowns jason in the lake
jason is killed by toxic waste in the sewers
and again in what was ment to be the last friday the 13th jason is alive without expalnation and is stabed and is dragged to hell and put on the clawed had of Freddy crougers and send him up
Jason rises from the water holding his masheti in Freddys head but its still not over focks
Jason is frozen till the year 2455 he is killed and comes back as a cyborg and ultimately is blown up in the atmosphere but come on 11 movies isn't enough lest reboot the franchise
Jason is killed but ends up alive how much you wanna bet there will be another move
grampa kills max the head vampire
lewis berries his wife in the cemetery but she returns to life and stabs him
norlock dies via sunlight
the wolf man is burned to death by his farther
Gwen shoots Lawrence in wolf form he turns back to normal and thanks her before he does
you wouldn't use the toilet for like years
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100 Horror Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes

422 Folder Collection
Jessica Lin published on October 13, 2017
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