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  • What is all this stuff? Some kind of secreted resin?

  • Nobody touch nothin'.

  • Hey, maybe it's a precious unattainable mineral that's gonna save...

  • the earth years from an energy crisis.

  • HAHAHAHAHA!! Yea...

  • Are you serious? This is a bug hunt.

  • That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

  • What are you gonna call it? Up-yer-tanium?

  • Let's roll!

  • How Aliens Should Have Ended

  • Ok, looks like we've escaped.

  • Let's just assume everything is safe and step outside.

  • Wait a second.

  • This feels very familiar.

  • If there's anything I've learned it's that these

  • things like to hide on the escape craft right at the end

  • how about we scan for movement before we just walk out and yep..

  • it's hiding in the landing gear.

  • Oh, good call.

  • Who knows what could've happened

  • You're mostly dead now.

  • Mostly.

  • And there's the acid for blood.

  • Ugh.. these things. Let's grab Hicks and get outta here.

  • Why would you do this, Ripley?

  • I thought you loved me!!!

  • I don't know!

  • I'm sorry!

  • I thought my arm could withstand the entire vacuum of spaaaaccceeee!

What is all this stuff? Some kind of secreted resin?

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B1 US ripley good call ended resin gonna save gonna call

How Aliens Should Have Ended

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    Jessica Lin posted on 2017/10/13
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