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  • I read a study yesterday.

  • It said that last year, more than half of us actually chose not to take our full vacations from our jobs.

  • Question: Don't you think it's crazy that so many of us go into work, even when we don't need to be there?

  • Times we could be on the beach buried in sand or traveling the earth.

  • We spend it in the office, traveling from desk to desk, buried in paperwork.

  • See, in this chaotic world, everything goes so fast.

  • We're so busyseems like everyone's middle name is "Multitask."

  • But now, now before you go and act all holier-than-thou, how many extra tabs do you have open on your computer right now?

  • See, we all need time to get away from the race, for our family, friends, for the sake of our mental state.

  • Time to rewind, recharge, and reconnectnot reporting to the office on emails that should be on redirect.

  • Because life, ladies and gentlemen, is all about moments.

  • No one in history has ever been able to hold on to onenot a single soul.

  • And you never get them back.

  • See, there one goes!

  • No do over, no rewind, no DVD root menu to skip to a previous scene.

  • Ask yourself, How many trips did you almost take?

  • How many sights have you almost seen?

  • How many moments have you lost thinking about the next one?

  • Thinking that once you get this or get there, maybe that will be the best one?

  • Life has taught me that all we will ever have is "now."

  • But let me be perfectly clear, I'm not saying that quit your job,

  • even though I know you deserve a six-month vacation, twice a year.

  • But how about small steps? Short trips with long dances, no distractions.

  • Spend time with family instead of coworkers, meditation instead of aggravation.

  • Replace our screensavers with sunrises, Palm Pilots with palm trees, jammed copy machines with

  • man, I really hate jammed copy machines.

  • The most precious thing we have in life are moments.

  • Let's make the most of them before they disappear.

  • Let's see the world while we still can and cherish those while they're still here.

  • Because when our lives are almost over,

  • it won't matter how much money we made, or hours we worked, or times we got Employee of the Month.

  • What we will look back on are the memories we made, the hours we spent with those we loved,

  • and were we Father of the Month, Mother of the Year, Friend of a Lifetime.

  • Holidays should be a time where we go away and come together.

  • From now on, let's take our whole vacation and be fully presentcreating memories that will last forever.

I read a study yesterday.

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