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Hi, My name is Aamir Khan
and I am an actor from India.
Dangal have two parts.
One when I am young
and I am very fit wrestler.
And one when I am old
when I am fat.
I discussed with director...
and we decided that..
we will do the fat part first.
I had to start putting on weight.
And I put on 27 kg.
and from 9% body fat
I went to 38% body fat.
And then will be finish shooting the fat part...
I took 5 moths gap.
And those 5 months...
I reduced my weight.
and reduced my fat.
From 38% body fat
I came down to 9% body fat.
I could have shot the young portion first
then I was fit
and then I shoot the fat portion
When the film shooting is over...
I will be 97% kg.
And I haven't any reason to lose the weight.
Ok 9%
*background music*
So it's film about the empowerment of the girl child
India is a largely ... society
everybody wants....
and also..
there is a lot of child marriages girls like 12 years old, 13, 14 years old
they are married at very young age.
Satyameva Jayathe is a talk show I did.
a lot of the topics were also connected to women's issues.
We had domestic violence.
Child sexual abuse.
never any censorship...
the government never try to stop us...
...say this on T.V.
So, there is lot of laws that government has made
but it is time for people change their thinking.
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Film | India: Aamir Khan _conscience of india

220 Folder Collection
civic2735 published on October 13, 2017
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