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(sustained yell increasing in volume)
- We have no idea what we're gonna do yet.
- Um, I'm on Pinterest right now,
(laughing) that is my go to site.
- Going with a Californiaish theme.
- Yeah, the theme is, is fresh.
- We spent two hours at Trader Joe's looking for stuff.
- We spent two hours at Trader Joe's.
- We have to, throw a dinner party for a video.
- Yeah, I mean.
- Okay, so after buying like the most random assortment
of things at Target, like can anyone tell me
like which one is a serving tray?
I'm on my way to Kane's house and we're gonna do this thing.
- All right, we're starting to cook now.
We have all our stuff ready, we moved the table down.
(playful music)
- I think we started off slow.
We did take a 20 minute nap earlier, because we were tired.
- I honestly think things have been going pretty smoothly,
like I feel like we divied up everything pretty equally
and like, we've gotten along really well.
- (laughing) I burnt the onion.
- [Freddie] Oh my god. (laughing)
- [Kane] We can't use this.
(laughing) Sorry, I tried
a new recipe that I'm not used to.
Actually I didn't do that, okay.
Back to the original recipe.
("William Tell Overture")
- Yeah, why not?
- Well maybe not.
(laughing) - [Safiya] Wait, what?
Everyone's gonna get drunk.
Just kidding.
- Yeah, a dinner party thrown by interns.
- Them just trying is probably enough.
But we'll see, I don't know, maybe it'll be a disaster.
- Yeah, I'm curious what we're gonna talk about.
You know, like what do the interns have to say?
(suspenseful music) (knocking)
- Hello. - [Henry] Hey guys.
- [Briana] Hi. - [Safiya] Welcome.
- Welcome to our dinner party.
- Oh my goodness.
(bright classical music)
- Feel free to grab a seat.
We made some Moscow meals for you.
- Oh great!
- [Safiya] Oh shit, the fire's still on!
- So what are these things here?
- These are mini quiches.
- Yes, and they're made of spinach
and artichoke and parmesian and?
- [Safiya] Mozzarella. - [Freddie] Mozzarella.
- Is there egg also, isn't there egg in quiche, right?
- There is egg, uh huh.
- [Henry] That's like a given.
- That's the main, yeah, the main ingredient.
- There's like there's no crust, they're like--
- They are crustless.
(laughing) - Crustless quiche?
- [Safiya] Yeah, they're crustless.
- So this is salad.
- I'm trying to get the rest of the food together
so that, you know, when it's time for dinner
it can happen seamlessly and they don't have to wait.
You know, Henry's a tough one.
I think it's going well.
I mean, just gotta get the convo flowing a little bit.
Once they finish those Moscow meals,
I think everyone will be A-okay.
- This is our big finish.
We have this salmon and the rice, and then the vegetables.
(smooth jazz music) - It looks amazing.
- You guys are being too polite.
But thank you all the same.
- What do you think of the salmon, guys?
- It's really great.
- Glad you like it.
- [Henry] It's like nice and subtle.
This is a lot of food.
- [Dimitri] It's a lot of work.
- I am so proud of these.
I have never used a little
like pastry frosting thing before.
- Cause like my friend had invited me over one time,
she's like "Dinner's at five."
I was like "What?"
- [Dimitri] Yeah, I find that odd, to be honest with you.
- [Briana] Like, why is it so early?
- [Dimitri] Who eats at five o'clock?
- Who, who eats? - [Henry] Yeah, it's weird.
- Whoa!
- [Kane] Safiya made this with love.
(laughing) and then we have
a fun game after this. - [Henry] Oh, we have a game.
- Yeah. - [Briana] Oh, sure.
(Kane laughing)
- You can't use me.
- Uh, sleeping, uh.
Oh, wake the fuck up.
- Yeah, wha!
- Okay, you're it Brianna.
- It's not time yet Kane.
(Kane laughing) Be quiet.
- Okay, you're feeling it,
you're feeling your drinks, right?
- Yeah, you're definitely feeling your drinks.
- There were like four more courses than I thought.
Like, I thought it was just quiche
and I would have been like, "Yeah, great, awesome."
- [Henry] Good job, kids. - Good job guys, but no,
it just kept going and that's what was great about it.
- The vibes were good, the food was good,
and it was just all about
having a good time and being together.
- [Dimitri] I can't believe this is
your first time doing this.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- Thanks for having us.
- That is very (mumbles), that is true.
- Buh bye.
(sighs) I think there was a moment when it was like
close to the time when people were coming
and we were just all in the kitchen like and my eggs burned.
(laughing) - The eggs and onions burning
was Kane's like lowest moment. - [Kane] Like that was my
lowest moment, I had to like pour it all out
and like redo the rice.
- It was a pleasant evening.
I feel like that's such an adult thing to say.
(soft upbeat music)
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New Adults Host Their First Dinner Party

125 Folder Collection
Keira Wang published on October 13, 2017
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