B2 High-Intermediate US 309 Folder Collection
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Where am I?
Oh, a broken generator.
Good thing I took at mechanical engineering class.
(Working On Generator)
(Active Chainsaw)
My ears!
Get out of here you camper!
Ah Uhh I'm sorry. A'll go! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry again!
Hey, wait a minute...
You guys!
Oh right...
Here we see Claudette's.
In their natural environment.
Tall Grass
"Power Of A Predator"
Ah i'm okay! I'll just walk it off! Walk it off! Ah!!
Just, just need a little rest...
Ah, ah uh it's not as bad as it looks. I'm perfectly fine! Hanging from a dirty hook.
Might as well get some exercising.
And one and two and three and f-
Excuse me!
No. E-Excuse me!
Wait. R-Ar-Are you me?!
I. Think. So!
B-But How?!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
I wonder if another one will show up.
Wah! It's the killer!
No no no, that's just Nea...
So, three Dwight's huh?
I gotta go!
Me Too!
So many generators to do!
Oh perfect, the nurse.
Does this wound you gave me earlier with that rusty blade look infected?
Ya. Tha-That's not helpful...
Are you really a nurse?
here we see Dwight.
In his natural habitat.
A locker.
Be quiet or the killer might hear youuuuu...!
(Jumping Locker)
(Snoring & Snorting)
(Broken Bell Ding)
Ah ding ding ding.
A meeting what now come to orda!
Ah so I was thinkinga...
If we all stop wiping and griping and looking at our weapons after we hit one of those little squirts.
We'd probably kill them a lot faster.
What does everyone think?
Any questions?
Uh yes the shape...
Ugh! Are you seriously stalking me right now?
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Dead By Daylight PARODY

309 Folder Collection
Jessica Lin published on October 12, 2017
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