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  • You know what i like about you besides

  • the fact thatyou like me? I like that when I

  • walk out here you're all in the seats

  • that you're supposed to be in. Sometimes

  • when you clap you move over a few seats

  • but then you end up back in the seat you're

  • supposed to be in, and it's easy for you

  • but it's not an easy for some people on

  • my staff. I was watching the show this

  • weekend, and I noticed something.

  • Well, I noticed that the day that it

  • happened but I didn't think they would

  • actually be on television but this is

  • what I watched. >>Here she is now. Ellen Degeneres!

  • Alright, I don't know if you saw the

  • shadowy part. Let's watch it again and

  • just watch that little shadowy party. >>Here she is now. Ellen Degeneres!

  • So that's Andy Lassner that he has been

  • repeatedly repeatedly told not to get

  • that close to me

  • Andy Lassner is one of my executive producers

  • the same Andy Lassner who accidentally turned

  • off all of the electricity in the studio

  • shutting down the entire show for about

  • two hours, right? It was like, two hours or

  • something like that. >>It was a long time.

  • Alicia Keys was waiting to perform but

  • there was no power. He had accidently

  • leaned against the switch

  • Same Andy Lassner who can't say balls

  • without giggling. Same Andy Lassner who

  • went to a haunted house and used his

  • assistant as a human shield

  • so you think with the word executive

  • in your title, you'd know when the show

  • starting right? You're wearing a headset

  • they're counting down Maybe because you're

  • new. How long have you been here Andy?

  • >>14 years, Ellen. 14 years.

  • All right. So i wanna

  • make sure you're not wandering around

  • anymore, so I picked a, I went to PetSmart

  • I picked something up

  • Zenor, let's put that around him.

  • There you go. Make sure you have water.

  • You know what? I love you so much, Andy.

  • I really, I love you so much. Just, just

  • being you makes me happy

  • It looks like one of those things, when you play badminton those things,

  • what are they called, like a shuttlecock?

  • Andy, what's it called?

  • >>[LAUGH] >>Shuttlecock [LAUGH]

  • >>Sir, have you ever had a flu shot before?

  • I have never met a flu shot.

  • >>Okay, well I have to give you this. >>Is this real?

  • Yep.

  • >>Okay. >>It's not a real needle.

  • >>Oh!

  • >>Hold still.

  • >>Or is this almost done?

  • >>Aah!

  • >>Wow, go, go, go, keep moving, keep moving, they can't get you if you move.

  • >>Oh my gos, my god, my god, Aah!

  • >>What about a little hot wax?

  • Yes, hot wax- >>On Andy. Let's do some hot wax.

  • >>It's not gonna hurt.

  • >>No, it's not hot.

  • >>Pick your person up. >>Oh no.

  • >>Tuck your chin in, okay?

  • >>Okay.

  • >>[Bleep] Stop.

  • Well, I do love you. I really do.

  • >>I love you, too.

You know what i like about you besides

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