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What are you doing here?
Come on.
Nonsense, we haven't finished our drinks.
After you nicked his car Dean says you're fair game.
Uhm, listen, boys!
I've had a rather emotional day.
So, whatever your beef with eggsy is,
I'd appreciate it enormously
if you could just leave us in peace
until I finished this lovely pint of Guinness.
You should get out of the way granddaddy
or you ain't get out at all.
He ain't joking you should go.
Excuse me.
If you're looking for another rentboy,
they're on the corner of "Smith Street."
Do you know what that means?
Then let me teach you a lesson.
Are we gonna stand around here all day?
Or are we going to fight?
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Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie CLIP - Bar Fight (2015) - Colin Firth Movie HD

33891 Folder Collection
Timmy Lin published on October 29, 2017    Lilian Chang translated    jenny reviewed
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