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  • Do you have plans tonight? Do you wanna have fun with me later?

  • Courtney Holmes, I am mildly surprised. But offer accepted.

  • Midnight, basement, sublevel city.

  • What's going on?

  • I would like you to stop my heart.

  • You give it one minute and then you bring me back.

  • Okay. Now is the point where you say it's all a joke.

  • What happens to us after we die?

  • The only way to find out is to see for ourselves.

  • We could document that experience.

  • Did you see a white light?

  • It was more like... pure energy.

  • How is she playing the piano, now?

  • It's like her brain's been rewired.

  • I'm going next.

  • Charging 200...

  • It's a good day to die!

  • Clear!

  • Everyone I touch today, I'm going to heal!

  • It's an awakening.

  • Three minutes!

  • Jamie only did two.

  • What can I say? We're competitive.

  • I'm going next, five minutes!

  • Seven minutes.

  • No one's ever come back from that!

  • Was it all fun?

  • Was there anything disturbing?

  • Something is happening to us.

  • I think I'm going crazy.

  • Maybe we opened a door...

  • Something is happening to us!

  • Something I did! Something I did!

  • Clear!

  • She is not stabilizing!

  • This experiment needs to end right now!

  • Clear!

  • Wake up!

  • I should have told you this wasn't about a science experiment.

  • Clear!

  • It's been over four minutes!

  • I did not know that the side effects would show up and start hunting us down.

  • Clear!

  • This is my fault.

Do you have plans tonight? Do you wanna have fun with me later?

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