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How's it going friends. Chris here at Dillon Brothers Motorsports
Today I have this killer 2014 Grom from Honda to show you
Alright friends let's talk about this 2014 Grom
First off Honda has packed all of its technology into this very
nice awesome looking little urban motorcycle
this is a 125 CC air-cooled
4-speed engine it is fuel injected
for firing up on those cold mornings it is going turn right over for your
more importantly than specifications to me
this motorcycle absolutely speaks to me reminds me of being a kid
flipping through the classic bike magazines in looking at the old bikes like
CT 70's from Honda this very much has that feel to me
I think Honda absolutely captured magic with that
really giving you that retro style but very modern day as well
the black-on-black through this thing just looks incredible
looks like a really you know ready to rip around town sportbike
just in a very nice small package
this is the perfect urban cruiser for your first time rider
up to your season vet specially for the you people who love the RV's and camping
take this out to the campsite and do some cookies around there
everyone's going to want to come party at your RV so please
make sure to get out doing brothers Motorsports come check out this new 2014 Grom
as always from the entire Dillon Brothers Motorsports family
thank you so much for checking us out and always remember friends
gear up ride safe thanks a lot
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2014 Honda Grom at Dillon Brothers Motorsports (Omaha)

286 Folder Collection
kstmasa published on October 10, 2017
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