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What's your name?
- Lara.
- Surname?
- Croft.
- Lara, your father's gone.
You can pick up where he left off.
I see so much of him in you.
- Brilliant.
- Hello Sprout.
If you're listening to this, then i must be dead. I found something. A tomb called the Mother of Death.
If Trinity succeeds our world is in danger.
Promise me you will stop it.
- I promise.
I think i know where my dad went.
- That's right in the middle of The Devil sea.
- It'll be an adventure.
- Death is not an adventure.
- You shouldn't have come here, but I'm glad that you did.
- What do you know about my father?
- Now i see the lightness to recklessness.
- Close the tomb once and for all. The fate of humanity is now in your hands.
- Don't be too careful these days. The world has gone bloody mad.
- I'll take two.
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Tomb Raider Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

500 Folder Collection
綠豆譯人 published on October 9, 2017    羅世康 translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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