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Maybe sooner or later
I can fall in love with a leaf
Then in another future
I'll be able to love someone
He may read the poems by Shelley
or be far away, other planet
He's allowed to give kiss in my face
take me to a brand new day
I drown so deep in the sorrow I can't forget
At that time my hope and dream got totally fell to break
Colors means nothing to me
day and night have no differences
Don't know how I can pretend to (註一)
be one of those walking dead
Something keeps occupying my whole brain
should be called fear
corroding my mind
Can't even feel the hate anymore
or the pallid will to die
When I hear the lullaby
I start to cry for my dying right
Vultures always fly in my sky
People all sigh
in the way I can't understand
I want to live as a child in the Neverland
Where baddies will get punished for their horrible lies
I'll be willing to pay out all things I have
Just for regaining an illusion as if I'm still alive
Before the sunset my heart is gonna catch fire
Is there a chance that I can try to struggle one more time
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477 Folder Collection
a34843887 published on October 7, 2017
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