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Gorilla got new jacket with cap and two brothers exhaust with juice box
Left oem slip-on is easy to remove
Unscrew mount bolt and clamp bolt
Install two brothers slip-on
First tighten VALVE, after canister clamp and pipe clamp
On the right side you have to disconnect Exup system
Servo motor is under the seat
Disconnection of exup doesn’t cause any error on this model
Install two brothers slip-on
First tighten VALVE,
after canister clamp and pipe clamp
To plug in juice box you should remove tank and air box
Remove side fairings
Before removing the tank disconnect all wires and hose
To remove air box disconnect sensors
Loosen the clamps on the flaps
Unscrew mount bolt
Disconnect all hoses
Unplug the stock wiring harness from each of the four injectors
Route the harness towards the front of the bike along the left hand frame tube
Attach the Juice Box Pro connectors to each injector and connect black and stock connectors
The sequence of the connection can not be confused, because all connectors have different lengths for a specific injector
Thus the controller cuts between the injectors and the stock wiring
Similarly connect throttle sensor
Attach the ground wire from the Juice Box Pro to the common stock ground wire
After juice box installation should not be any errors
Going in reverse order
Choose the map in juice box
In this case it’s second map for two brothers slip on and OEM air filter
Two brothers slip ons look nice, have good sound and increase power
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Two Brothers Exhaust & JBP Installation Z1000

118 Folder Collection
ikn0wc001 published on October 6, 2017
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