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You were being considered for this role
but you had to audition
for the role "Penny Wise".
And you decided...
Is this right that you were going to dress in the clown makeup for the audition?
Not entirely.
Also the audition itself...
They were like:" hey, here is..."
I was in LA and they were like: "Do you want to audition for Penny Wise?"
And that is not, you know, an opportunity that you get very often.
It's such an amazing character to do.
And there's no real restrictions to what you can or cannot do,
so I started incorporating things
that I wanted to incorporate like the lip and my weird eyes to mold out the character.
And I did my first audition, and it went really well.
And Andy, the director, you know, wanted me for a callback.
And it was down to four people.
And I guess two of the four that were left had come in clown face for the first audition.
I had not.
So he wanted us who didn't come in with the clown face on to come with clown face.
I didn't know really what to do with that
but I was like "Okay, I guess I will get a little clown makeup on my face."
And it's the morning of ...and I get into my car...
And oh yeah!
So Andy, the director, he asked me the day before:
"Can you figure out maybe a laugh?"
Because there wasn't really a laugh in the scene.
"So work on the laugh!"
I am like "Oh, Okay. Sure."
I was staying at this house and there were four people in the house.
And I felt sort of really self-conscious about practicing the clown laugh among four people.
But I get in the car,
and you know when you are in the car,
you get in this safe bubble of being in your own car.
In clown face
And I am like:"Here it is! (clown laugh)"
And I just started the laugh.
You were laughing in the car?
Driving through Hollywood in clown face laughing like a maniac.
The strangest thing
so the casting director's place, there is only street parking.
So I had to park the car and go out and walk two minutes to the scene in clown face.
And you just wearing the regular clothes by the way?
Oh, your regular clothes with clown face.
Oh my god!
And I was like there's two ways to go about this
either I become really self-conscious being like "Sorry, I am an actor"
or I sort of try to be in the character.
And I did the latter so I just walk and I was like (act like a clown)
You see all the construction workers and people walking around Hollywood
and they sort of looked at me like not surprise at all.
Yeah! Yeah!
Because they just saw a spider-man with a fanny pack.
It's just a morning in Hollywood!
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Bill Skarsgard Walked Through Hollywood In Clown Face - CONAN on TBS

15371 Folder Collection
Katharina Yang published on October 22, 2017    Katharina Yang translated    林恩立 reviewed
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