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Alright here we go FitLifers, it's another Mindset Monday, remember we're in this together.
In an effort to reach the moon, often times we fail to see the flowers at our feet and
that's what we're talking about FitLifer, we're actually talking about appreciating
the small things, loving the little things in life. You see, often times we get so caught
up, so bugged down with everything that's happening in our own lives that we forget
how good we're really having and you know what I'm talking about. Think about how amazing
your life really is, think about all of the goodness, and even it's the smallest little
things, think about what you get to do, watching this video, how awesome is this. Hundred years
ago, there was no ability to even watch a video like this or download information in
the internet into your brain, and then apply it out into your life. There's so many things
that we forget to really appreciate, so that's what this Mindset Monday is about. Number
one, I'm going to talk about the gratitude list, number two, I'm going to talk about
thanking someone each and every day, and last but not least, I'm going to talk about how
to love yourself, how to thank yourself and that's what we're talking about, so these
three things. Step number one, creating a grateful list. Every night before you go to
bed, I do this; I don't do it for you, okay? But every night before you go to bed you should
do this, 5-10 things you are grateful for, just write them out, it's going to program
your subconscious mind while it's in the REM sleep, while it's creating these dreams that
you have, you think about all the goodness that you have, and meeting a frequency to
the universe and only bringing good stuff back to you, that's what it's going to do,
okay? So pull it back. Get grateful, pull it back, this is the art of manifestation,
this is the art of materialization, this is the art of living the fullest life that you
can live FitLifer. Let's keep it simple, if you're struggling and you get a road block
set up in front of you, there's just wall that's looking at you every single day and
it's hard for you to get grateful, I'm going to teach you how to bust through this wall
and really get what you really want. Number one, what are you grateful for? Whoa, if it's
hard, are you watching this video? Get thankful for your eyes, these eyes are the most advanced
HD cameras on the entire planet they could see really far out, really far in, these eyes,
if you had to buy camera there, it'd be a million dollars and you have it right on your
face, these ears that you're hearing me with are absolutely amazing, you can listen to
a symphony, you can listen to the voices of children playing on the playground, you can
hear the birds chirping in the air every single thing you could hear with these ears. The
ability to go to bed at night and sleep and wake up feeling rested, the ability to have
water, you know there's some people in this planet they don't even have access to fresh
drinking water and yet I stand before you right here right now drinking this water,
this is a lot to be grateful for. Build up a rampage of appreciation as what I could
call it and in this appreciation you're building up your vibration which is only going to bring
more good stuff back to you. Step number two, thanking someone each and every day. I like
to practice this, I walk outside of the door, down here in sunny San Diego, I like to just
say thank you to those many people who made it possible. Sometimes they look at me like
'why is this guy thanking me? I didn't do anything' but I'm looking at them and if you
ever heard the word Namaste, [inaudible] or whatever it is, it basically means the divinity
in me sees the divinity in you and that's a lot to be grateful for. So when you start
doing this out in to the world watch what happens it's pretty crazy but thank somebody
every day, maybe they open up the door for you, maybe they do something else and then
last but not least, step number three is thanking yourself, you see far too often FitLifer,
we get caught up in how bad we are, you know we look in the mirror we're almost critic,
you know look at those fine lines and wrinkles, look at that gray hair, you really dropped
the ball at work today Drew like all these other things that go in our head we never
allow ourselves to reflect and get thankful for ourselves. And if you're thankful for
yourself, guess what, everyone else is going to start being thankful for you as well because
you attract what you are, I know that's deep, I'm taking you on a deep level FitLifer, but
start to thank yourself, start to see how the universe response. Again, so step number
one we were talking about the grateful list, write that down, getting grateful every single
night before you got to bed, 5 to 10 things, thanking somebody else for step number 2,
and then last but not least is having this overwhelming self love each and every day
so that no matter what happens, you just absolutely love yourself, you're the first person that
comes into this world and you're the last person that leaves, so you might as well take
good care of yourself, think about it. So you're probably wondering who won the book
last week, can I get a book over here, we're sending them out, no man is an island, this
is absolutely amazing, love this book, and it's going to justxide, I've started noticing
the cause and effect a lot more lately even though I knew it before my thoughts are affecting
my life big time, my life has changed, thank you so much for you inspiration, the book
is coming out to you justxide. So what book are we giving away next week that is the question
that you're wondering when you leave a comment below, one of my favorite books, body mind
mastery, this book is amazing. There's tons of tips, tricks and tactics that you can implement
in your life right here, right now. So the book's coming out to somebody who leaves a
comment, I'm Drew Canole, I'm looking forward to your transformation, remember we're in
this together, and I'll see you next week.
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How Do You Find Happiness - Appreciate the Small Things

1986 Folder Collection
drsueec published on August 1, 2013
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