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Hey, everyone. I'm alex thanks for clicking and welcome to this intermediate lesson on Homa phones
so this is a level two of my homophone series and
If you watched my beginner video and you feel comfortable now with the idea of Homa phones
And you've mastered your and your and they're they're there and it's an it's
fantastic and now
We're going to level up and go to the intermediate stage
so as a reminder homa phones are words that sound the same but
Are spelled differently and they have a different meaning?
So today we are going to look at 10 more homophone x' or series of words
That have different spellings, but have the same pronunciation and different meanings
Number one, this is a three-fer which means like three of them here, so we have
Isle isle isle now. I should put a star Beside I
apostrophe Ll
Some people do not pronounce it as isle some people pronounce it as oh
Okay, like I'll call you later
But a lot of people also pronounce it as isle, which is I?
Will okay and then this is isle, and isle is a walkway
Now it is
specifically a walkway that is between a section or two sections of
Shelves or
Chairs when you go to the movie heater you walk up the aisle
okay, it's a Walkway a space between
You know when you have things on both sides when you go to the grocery store
You walk in different aisles. Where's the salt? It's an aisle three. Where's the cereal?
it's in aisle five for example and
Aisle this is just the short form for Island okay, so example
I'll meet you in aisle three if you're talking or texting with your
Significant other your wife your husband your boyfriend
Where are you? I'm buying milk. What are you doing? I'm buying this okay? I'll meet you in aisle three
That's where the I don't know what's something that people like to eat
That's where the chocolate is people like chocolate right, okay?
And another example the isle of man is in the Irish sea
So the isle of man is a place which has an awesome flag and it's located in the Irish sea
It's the flag with like three legs and a circle. It's pretty cool
so next allowed and allowed so
Allowed a ll o w e d just means you are permitted to do something
You are allowed you have permission to do something
Allowed this one might be new for some of you this means to say something
Vocally now instead of just keeping it inside ok vocally or with a loud voice
So for example in this class if you're sitting in university for example
Your professor might say you are allowed to speak your thoughts aloud ok don't keep them inside
vocalize them say them use them ok and
number 3 choose
the first one you're probably familiar with it's just a verb which means to select and
Choose this is the third-person version of qu which you do when you eat food
Or gum, right, so this is
So I
Ridiculous example for all of you she chews gum when trying to choose her clothes
It's a weird habit much like ok time to choose my clothes
I'm going to choose some gum and choose my clothes
number 4
forward and
Forward so I think most of you probably know forward the direction
Which means like in front of you go straight go?
or if you've seen the movie
Rocky Balboa
There's an excellent speech between Rocky and his son where he says you have to keep moving forward that's how winning is done
right all right and forward is a
short introduction or a short intro in a published book
this is also known as a preface or in introduction and
It's usually written by someone other than the author
So you'll see a lot of forwards written for classic books books that are like
100 years old and a modern contemporary
Contemporary writer or figure will write about the significance of the book before the actual book
right so hey
Who wrote the foreword in that Edition of Frankenstein if your friend is reading a specific edition of the book?
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley a classic
You know he might wonder I really enjoyed the foreword reading the introduction to that book. He gave a lot of
contextual details about the historical importance of the novel
Who wrote the foreword to in that edition all right? So well what have we done here? We had done one two three four
Guys what number comes after four?
It's five you know it's five
number five
Grown and
grown so grown the adjective which means mature like you are a grown adult a
grown man a grown woman, okay, or
Grown now this one is probably less familiar to some of you. This can be a verb or a noun
So you can grown or you can hear a grown now. This is my own definition of grown
It's a sound of disappointment. It's a sound you make when you go
Like when you hear a really bad joke or if you you know are you see something?
That's a little sad or ridiculous or you're sick and you go?
you're groaning okay, so
Don't groan. You're a grown adult
So don't groan can also mean like don't like be a baby and complain
My life is terrible
You're a grown adult okay
heel heel heel
similar to the first example
this one a chi apostrophe
Ll some people pronounce this as hill similar to you know a small mountain
But a lot of people also pronounce it as heel
so he will he'll call you or he'll call you if you
Talk to a certain person from a certain part of the world
Are not necessarily even a certain part of the world is just personal preference
I think so, then you have heel h e al so a doctor will heal
you know whatever injuries you have so to make well or to make better and
This refers to an injury if you're hurt
You can get healed or if you play role-playing games like oh final Fantasy 7
This is red 13 you have heal potions right or healing magic
So you can heal your characters make them better make them well
+ Hp basically and h ee L
He'll this is the back and bottom part of a person's foot
So this part here the very back of your foot the bottom part back is your heel
Very famous, you know cultural
touchstone for this word is
the Achilles Heel
So if you have an achilles heel it means you have a weakness and this comes from a greek myth. Where?
Achilles is heel. You know cause some misfortune, so please
Yeah, remember achilles heel
morning, and
Morning. I know you know morning. It's the first part of the day
It's probably one of the first 20 words you learn when you're studying English
And you're an intermediate student so we don't need to review it
but morning mo you are and ing now this refers to a period of
Sorrow or
You are in
Mourning so you see the phrase here in
Mourning after the death of a loved one or maybe a pet that you had for a very long time
So you can use the verb to mourn Em oh you are N
And you can mourn the loss of a loved one
Mourn the loss of a pet or someone that you care about a friend or family member, and you can also be in
Mourning for something okay, so we have five six
Seven and what comes after seven?
Boom eight you got it eight poll poll
so poll can be a noun which can be like a long cylindrical thing like you think of a
telephone Pole or A
fishing pole, I think of like a long stick basically so a
pole can also be a noun or a verb
tol, L and basically this is a sample of opinions about a topic or
Pull the verb can mean you know to conduct a survey that collects a sample of opinions about a topic
usually around elections
You hear a lot in the news about?
opinions polls
Where people give their opinions about the candidates who are running for office?
Okay, so for example
This is a different example than talking about elections and politics
We need to poll people about the new telephone on Pole
So if your local government has placed a telephone pole
And maybe a weird location that is blocking people, or that is dangerous
You might need to pull the neighborhood saying do you support the location of this telephone pole?
And maybe they do, maybe they don't but you can pull people
about the pole
It's hard thinking of examples guys help me right. Thank you for your patience number nine wrapped and
Wrapped so wrapped can be a noun or verb for the style of music
Performed by people like Eminem or snoop Dogg or kid cudi. I think is like a more recent one and
Rap can be a noun or a verb
if I have you know a cut on my arm, I can use a bandage to
Around my arm a wrap it can also be a delicious
Little sandwich that you buy at McDonald's or any other fast-food restaurant or not even fast food restaurants?
But you can eat a rat a chicken wrap a beef wrap Etc. So I like to rap while I rap
So if you're wrapping your arm, and you like to talk about what you're doing you can rap like rap
I'm not going to rap so I don't know how to rap comparable edit number 10 roll and roll
ro Ll can be a noun or a verb
now this means to move along a surface by turning over and
Over so you can like roll a tire from your car right you can push it and it rolls
okay, and
it can also be
Roll you can roll. Sorry this one you can also like roll dice when you're playing games like
Any game really that has dice or dungeons and dragons if you play that?
Role, Rol. II this is a noun and this refers to a part in a play a
Movie or any type of performance so let's look at the two examples here
we have
Roll up the carpet please alright, so if you are changing the carpet in your floor in your floor
Well yeah in your room or in your living room or something like that
You know your mother or someone in the house might ask you to like hey, roll up the carpet. We're changing it
so we need to get it out and roll it up please and
finally Keanu reeves
played the Role of
John Wick and like the action movie
John Wick which is excellent and highly recommended if you don't mind brutal violence and guns
Which sometimes I don't but sometimes I do but in this movie it was excellent. So check it out
John Wick - is maybe out by the time you're watching this video, so
That is it guys ten
homophone at the intermediate level
So check out the beginner video if you haven't already and if you want to test your understanding
of this video as always you can check out the quiz on an Vidcom and
Don't forget while you're there to subscribe to my YouTube channel
Check me out on Facebook where you can subscribe to my fan page
You can also add me on Twitter and again in those places
I usually just like post pictures and talk about random English stuff respond to comments like I do to my videos as well
And if you're wondering, you know alex I've been listening to you for so many minutes talking about homophone x' and yeah
It's kind of cute. You know rap rap poll poll. Why is this important well?
it's important number one so that you know the spelling of these words, and you know how to use them in context and
you know how to understand what people are saying when they are using these words and
You know in a conversation so that you don't think they're saying rapped when they really mean
Okay, so if they say I love raps
Like you know. I love raps. I hope to eat raps, or you love raps. You love to listen to Rap music
I don't know so you have to be sure that you understand what people are saying
That you're spelling things correctly that you're understanding context, so that's why this stuff is important
and if you want to go to three the Advanced-level
it's coming so wait for it and if it is up by the time you know this videos out just check it out and
I hope you enjoy it till next time thanks for clicking
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Intermediate English Homophones - different words that sound the same!

206 Folder Collection
James published on October 4, 2017
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