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  • In this beginner assignment we are going

  • to make a very simple but playable game to

  • use many of the basic concepts from the

  • beginner tutorial modules.

  • We will be making a roll-a-ball game where

  • we will collect special game objects.

  • We will see how to create new game objects,

  • add components to these game objects,

  • set the values on their properties and position

  • these game objects in the scene to create a game.

  • In our game the player will control a ball

  • rolling around the game board.

  • We will move the ball using physics and forces.

  • We will look at the input from the player

  • through the keyboard and we'll use those

  • inputs to apply forces to the ball, making it

  • move in our scene.

  • We will see how to detect contact between

  • the player's ball and the pick-up game objects,

  • and use these events to collect these

  • pick-up game objects.

  • When we are done we will have made a simple

  • roll-a-ball game where the player controls

  • the ball with the keyboard, picks up and

  • counts special collectable objects,

  • displays the current count and ends the game

  • when all of the game objects

  • have been picked up.

  • We won't need to import any assets for this project.

  • We won't be using models, textures,

  • sounds or animations for this assignment.

  • We will simply use the primitive shapes

  • like cubes, spheres and planes

  • provided by Unity.

  • To begin, start with assignment 1 where we

  • setup our game and starting game objects.

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In this beginner assignment we are going

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