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  • Hi, friends.

  • So something happened to me this weekend that I felt compelled to share.

  • It was just so deeply disappointing and deeply disturbing.

  • So I was almost hit by a car, that is not the headline.

  • It's just situational contexts.

  • So I was walking up Locust Street and I was crossing through 20F on a green light.

  • I was walking.

  • A driver come (came) in the opposite direction on Locust, flew around the corner

  • to make a left turn, clearly did not see me.

  • Screech to a halt, and missed hitting me by about half a foot.

  • Her window was down, so I said to her,

  • "Did you not see me? "

  • and she replied, " I had the right of way. "

  • And I said, "No, you didn't. I had the green light,

  • and I was going straight through the intersection and walking.

  • And she said, "The traffic lights are for vehicles, not for pedestrians."

  • To which, I said, "Really? Really?"

  • Then she proceeded to drive off but as she drove away,

  • she yelled out her window, " This is America."

  • And it is those three words to which I would now like to respond,

  • since this woman, this driver did not give me the courtesy,

  • or have the courage to allow me to respond to her at the scene

  • and to her face.

  • So yes, this is America. I am American.

  • Born and raised, and I know America.

  • I know America in ways you probably don't, and never will.

  • Lady, I have been an American Journalist for twenty plus years.

  • I have seen Americans suffer, and grieve.

  • I have seen Americans rejoice and show resilience and recover.

  • I have seen America at its best and at its worst.

  • So I know, this is America.

  • You do not have to tell me that.

  • This is America, and today, for me, this is Philadelphia.

  • But at other points in my life, I might be saying this is Ventura California.

  • I've said this is Evanston Illinois, this is Chicago, this is San Fransisco.

  • This is Pocatello Idaho. This is Oklahoma city. This is Huston, Texas.

  • I have lived in all different parts of America.

  • This is America.

  • And by the way, I probably know America

  • better than you do in other ways as well.

  • I know my U.S. history, I can name every cabinet member.

  • I can name every state capital, can you?

  • Yet, you have the audacity and the ignorance to yell at me

  • that this is America?

  • Are you kidding me? You see this face, and you think

  • this face belongs to an outsider or foreigner?

  • Let me tell you something. I have two kids. They have this same face.

  • Especially my daughter. She's a carbon copy of me,

  • and if you see her on the street,

  • and if you say anything to her to suggest that

  • she is an interloper or an outsider or a trespasser

  • or someone who does not belong in this country.

  • I challenge you to think again.

  • My face. Do you think that this face would not stands up against you,

  • against racism, and against ignorance?

  • Well, you were wrong.

  • I am Asian American, and I am strong, and I am proud.

  • And I am speaking out against to you today.

  • Do not ever, ever see a face like this and make a mistake

  • that it does not belong to an American.

  • So this is America!

  • And it is my diversity, my color, my culture,

  • all of the things that come with it,

  • that it help me contribute to my country.

  • I am an American Journalist.

  • I have built my career on trying to help people,

  • and try to give people a voice.

  • My father, an American as a U.S. citizen, developed a hybrid of the beef steak tomato,

  • you probably had the pleasure of eating it in the salad or buying it from your grocery store.

  • It is people like us, it is Americans like us, who make this country strong,

  • and who made this country exceptional.

  • So, yes, this is America.

  • And Americans like us make this country strong,

  • and make this country what it is.

  • So I am taking ownership of those words you hurled out of your window to me on Friday.

  • This is America. This is America!

  • I am American. I am proud of it.

  • And I am American, and this is 2017.

  • And you need to get with the program.

  • This is America! Please pass it along.

Hi, friends.

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"This is America" - Nydia Han's Reaction Video Against Racist Driver in Philly

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