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  • Congratulations on the Emmy the other night.

  • Thank you now and for the uh the people versus OJ.

  • You, you won an Emmy for that too.

  • You were amazing down.

  • Did it?

  • How did it feel because you won an Emmy and Milo did not.

  • It, it seems like he beat you.

  • It seems like he won an Emmy.

  • He did not win an Emmy.

  • What was that?

  • Like, my husband has been nothing but the epitome of grace and graciousness throughout this whole thing.

  • It's love.

  • No, it really is.

  • I mean, it's, it's one of those things, I kinda say it's apples to hammers, you know, I, I mean, we, we're embodying these roles in the work that we're all doing and trying to do is phenomenal and reaching the audience and all that.

  • So it's, I, I almost feel like it's, it's, it's incomparable, you know, it's good work across the board and, and I know that, you know, sterling, none of us need the awards.

  • Although I gotta say like, it's pretty cool because I wanted to vote for Sterling and I've been like, you know, hey, I'm right, you won.

  • Um, but it's, it's, uh Yeah, it's been great rewards the job.

  • This is just the icing on the cake.

  • The job is, I mean, and it's, it's one thing to do something that you love doing and going to work and, and love the, the character but that the audience responds and relates to it so much.

  • It's, uh, it's, it's really great.

  • So, congratulations for all.

  • Um, so when you were accepting your, uh, your, uh Emmy, yes, ma'am.

  • It seems to me that the, uh, the music started playing and you weren't able to say everything you wanted to say.

  • A little.

  • Yeah, it seemed, it seemed like it was not as long as you may maybe should have had.

  • So, is there anything you want to say now that, that you didn't have time to say, uh, you know, what, like, what I really wanted to recognize.

  • What?

  • No, I'm sorry.

  • Go ahead.

  • Seriously.

  • Go ahead.

  • I just wanted to be able to thank Dan Fo.

  • Ok.

  • Hm.

  • Yeah.

  • Had they played that?

  • It was a whole another show, Jack.

  • I wouldn't have left the stage.

Congratulations on the Emmy the other night.

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