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  • Let's get straight into the details on North Korea's missile launch.

  • This latest missile flew over Japan and landed out in the Pacific Ocean,... and appears to

  • be Pyongyang's response to the UN Security Council sanctions approved earlier this week.

  • Let's hear more from our defense ministry correspondent, Kim Hyun-bin, who joins us

  • on the line.

  • Hyun-bin...

  • Good morning, Mark.

  • North Korea launched... what we now know... was an intermediate ballistic missile early

  • Friday morning from an area near Pyongyang.

  • South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff says the IRBM was fired at 6:57 a.m., South Korea time,

  • from Sunan near the North Korean capital.

  • It flew over northern Japan and came down in the north Pacific.

  • South Korea's Joints Chief of Staff says the missile hit an altitude of 770 kilometers

  • and flew around 37-hundred kilometers.

  • Seoul and Washington are currently analyzing the launch to confirm what type of missile

  • it was, but many experts say the missile was most likely a Hwasong-12.

  • Late last month North Korea fired a Hwasong-12 over Japan,... which travelled 27-hundred

  • kilometers and reached a maximum altitude of about 550 kilometers.

  • Today's launch followed a similar path, but flew one thousand kilometers further than

  • the previous launch 17 days ago.

  • In response, the South Korean military has conducted its own ballistic missile training

  • exercise in the East Sea.

  • The military fired a Hyunmoo-two,... which has a range of 250 kilometers.

  • The Joints Chief of Staff says the missile was fired considering the distance between

  • the training ground and the Sunan airfield,... the origin of this morning's provocation.

  • North Korea's latest launch also comes four days after UN Security Council slapped stronger

  • sanctions on the regime for its sixth nuclear test conducted earlier this month.

  • I'll keep an eye on any updates,.. and bring them to you during the next newscast at noon.

  • Back to you.

Let's get straight into the details on North Korea's missile launch.

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