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  • -Can you just, like, jump in and make sure nothing, like,

  • falls over in any of these boxes?

  • -Uhh...

  • -Yeah, we need--

  • we were supposed to be there 30 minutes ago, dude.

  • If you could just, like, do me a solid. Do us a solid.

  • -You'll be safe, man. We've done it before.

  • See you later, bro.

  • All right. All right.

  • Let me pick up some speed right quick.

  • A'ight.

  • Watch this.

  • [tires screech]

  • Oh. Whoo!

  • [objects clattering]

  • [laughs]

  • -You got your seatbelt on back there?

  • -Uh, it's a little bumpy.

  • -Here we are.

  • We are coming exactly back to where we were before.

  • [knocking]

  • Will, are you doing okay back there?

  • -What? -Look, don't freak out or anything,

  • but, uh, it looks like the car has stalled.

  • Um, and we're kind of on some train tracks.

  • -What, what are you talk-- what are you talking about?

  • -Don't worry, though, man. It's okay.

  • We're going to go look for some help, okay?

  • -Hey, open it up real quick.

  • Hey, guys. Hey, open it up.

  • [railroad crossing bells ringing]

  • [faint train tooting]

  • -What the [bleep]?

  • All right.

  • [tapping door]

  • Hey, just open the door!

  • -We're coming, Will! We're going to get you out, man!

  • We're coming, buddy.

  • -You guys, open the door! [banging frantically]

  • -This lock is stuck!

  • -Come on, come on, come on, come on!

  • [screaming]: Hey! Hey!

  • -I'm sorry, man. Will, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

  • [train horn approaching] -Oh, shit! Oh, God, aah!

  • [sounds stop abruptly]

  • What the [bleep]?

  • -Whoo!

  • -Oh, you [bleep] assholes!

  • -Welcome to heaven.

  • [laughter]

  • -You're free! You're free!

  • -(Will) Oh, right. Great.

  • [bleep] you guys. But I gotta give it to you.

  • I thought there was a [bleep] train.

  • I thought I was gonna die.

  • Congratulations, you're a dick. -[laughs]

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-Can you just, like, jump in and make sure nothing, like,

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The Delivery Prank

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/07/28
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