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Adam: It's super sunny, and we're going
furniture shopping, hooray!

Adam: Notice Nicole's cute, new hat.
Nicole: Look at my cute, new hat!
Adam: It's replacing the cute little shoes.
Nicole really likes this one because she

can like skateboard on it.
Adam: Yeah, it'll be cool. I really like these drawers.
Nicole: I like this one a lot.
Adam: He built it himself.
Worker: Yeah, yeah.
Adam: He said that the beds are a hundred
percent Amish. yeah yeah I've got so no

within the factory

I got it within the factory they do have
you got i have a problem right

yeah i know we can't use electricity
with the bed because it's Amish

What did you say this was? The ultimate driving
experience good to know we like BMW beds

Nicole look at the red leather do it so
he was telling us this is basically the

BMW the furniture stores the thing is do
we want a BMW table because we all know

that Adams gonna end up working out his
bikes on the table

ok the half of wheels this is the
coolest toy ever

we can use these in the living room as
well it's so smart for saving money is

not real thanks though this is bad . the
peasant this will go well with our

present fridge
this is so fun i'm so glad ended up
filling enjoying you guys having a good

couch is so important to me I always
have back issues and couches I think

literally what we're gonna do when we
pick out a couch with my laptop and I'm

gonna just work on my laptop for like an
hour and just really test it

red leather everything what you guys
think 222222 gtr2 no we're not too far

we're not romanatwood I've never seen
anything like this before but how cool

is this just have a removable cupholder
you tell me used to be the wheely king

right on the back
and I just challenged them i'll bring
the bike in here

shut the fuck you doing good would you
say your definition of our spinners are

staying at my age is getting drunk in
the ball but he does barnes on the bike

right i use the King bar spanking really
King novel semester right here you know

if you can really then we'll buy the
couch but if you can't really it's free

it's free if you can do it LOL state you
fall on the pavement we get married

without following i'll make a wager
nickel can we pretend to be your mom and

dad Robert your sleep again you fall
asleep every night

what are you even watching always
watching this which is happening lasting

oh why are they laughing to every single
night literally everything on this chair

adjust nicola just the headrest listen I
think this is what really wealthy

football coaches and football coach is
not football coaches

of course is difficult or expensive
somebody sounds social media where I'm
tellin ya I have a mcdouble hold the

onions and give me some sauerkraut . i
literally those microphone i don't know

i just want to go on really came to hook
me up he's gonna hook you up with this

mr. so this is the BMW furniture stores
chairs Lamborghini in it

yeah it is it's about 7,000 we're
looking at a lot of its 13,000 can you

do it for 300 time to wake up yet
really Kim is gonna show us right you
doing give it a shot

those are some nice shoes what we'll do
it all the employees are coming out to

watch it's gonna be real hot i'm just
warning you will get the bike for you

ok I like a natural this guy had no
brakes don't work sunday shoes they

probably cost more than that furniture
we're sitting

ok you got just be careful just pedal
slowly forward

oh ok
you're too strong for the bike there you
go think i was so cool

he was so much fun you know I wasn't
even going to film furniture shopping

but i'm so glad i did that couldn't have
been any more entertaining for shopping

referred you guys like us going around
the furniture place that was really fun

now we're heading home so I can get the
240 ready for a very special guest not

gonna tell us who it is but you can
probably tell by the title go away the

oh my gosh
mirror to my favorite people
taylor a.k.a Kevin and Nicole my wife
and we are going to meet a very special

cool like real special let's go
ok if you don't have to read then you
already probably know that we're meeting

up with romanatwood I think he's
probably best known for his pranks but

the reason why i'm a big fan of Roman is
because of the way that he's able to

kinda like bring you into his family he
was a big reason why i started to try to

like bring you guys into our life a
little bit more and he's actually the

reason that I got the camera filming on
now and it i love it so pretty excited

to meet him in person and do some cool
stuff guessing the cars up and get them

all ready for Roman the wheels on the 24
year a little wobbly we don't know why

the miata smoking drift cars are always
broken but we're not gonna tell Roman

that we have done that you already go
wobble wobble wobble Nicole's having a
hard time trying to decide what to get

for a drink
really it's so easy so what various the
frontal skull broken follow your help in

taylors be so with that meeting it up
because it means a lot of good season

motivating myself Rosenthal
yeah taylor just had the funniest joke
he was like where's Roman that would so

it begins
so he's getting dropped off by an uber
person right now i'm curious what the

other person is thinking like cars spot
lv guys help me okay really off yet

maybe with some guys we're back at the
same Mexico spot that we are at last

time you guys know that we got kicked
out and we're gonna cross your fingers

that everything goes well Roman doesn't
know all the stuff we were talking about

this wrong with the cars before but what
he doesn't know won't hurt him are you

at once that's like your warning after
that if you do there's 50 cars there

oh are you know that they don't remember
you're just another yeah exactly random

so we're gonna take Roman out and then
if he's feeling that maybe you want to

spend it all right your car that's what
you want me to do good old onion just go

where Tandi was apologizing about
drifting my car i do not care it is

meant to drift if you want to use the
level you can you probably should know

out of the paint adjust type
it's nice to meet you that way to do
this is like super we're trying to

anything really quick before it gets

yes already 31 and we're running out of
light that custom home

yeah yeah we got to use that to get into
kind of you don't have to just it's a

little safer fast cars and bikes like my
kind of night

yeah we have the bikes around maximally
crash around everyone already did he

start drying i'm so excited I've been
doing this for a year so i'm not very

good yet but it's really fun learning
i'm sure you're better than that i'm

hoping that you're gonna get into it
after this like you never gonna watch

what you do that maybe I can
good give me four right
I don't know what just happened to 360
that but it never works

I wonder your tires last not very long
as your new tires will probably get like

a come let him in my life
are you kidding me
that was the first time my friends and
I've ever go together

there's always
like you guys make it look easy
so fuck you I you know you want to learn

I don't understand
you're gonna work
oh my god your quarters are black from
the tires

that's crap its barge what
hey you guys we do have someone coming
she bounced in there waiting let's go

my card so well I'm so happy it felt so

that's better than money out of their
the security guard coming so we're gonna

leave you just shown that is me Morgan
yeah he's walking and certainly really
wait I'm you don't know for example yeah
I mean I my 350z track is ok so I've you

know I've goofed up but it's not like
nothing what you just did

yes I mean you can try to grab a couple
days off I'm not only that I just just

getting ready real great with my car
yeah he's so stoked for drifting right
yeah oh yeah is it super stiff crunch

nah you got this you got to meet your
dad I'm really

so funny
and again
if you learned that easily I definitely
can learn what happened

we're stopping my OSP skatepark they
don't normally allow bikes here tonight

but because Romans here's a special case
and they're gonna let us get a couple

clicks when Willie hooking it up we'll
make it real quick

thank you so much good I just hope they
don't hate me out there

busted want to check out here landed
stuff first try that never happens

hold it thanks I'm killed appreciate it
so excited next time you're out here
we're getting on the bike i would love

to give it give something to hold you to

well there's a roof right there and we
can just fill it with water

you're good man yeah we did it
thank you guys so much appreciate it
gonna be now let's go smokey bones and

smartphones you guys will be able to see
in Romans blog Nicole rode in the back

of 244 feasting just finished eating and
I just want to say thank you so much man

was a pretty awesome to hear wonder if
they ever guys so much fun I'd like this

was he literally hit me up like two days
ago but that's up hiring I thought you

might blow us off you never know I was
all about

so start from a network . we thought
about it we're gonna play that garden

interesting title now thanks so much man
it was super safe

awesome enjoy we're going to take your
show tomorrow it's gonna be fun enjoy

later if you guys are new to this
channel or if you've been here for a

while I just want to thank you so much
for watching and if you'd be so kind

like you don't even have to subscribe
maybe just stick around

check out one more of our video if you
like it wanted warden warden subscribe

we'd love to have you be a part of what
we do and just have a good day hey smile

more guys for listening
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87 Folder Collection
李昆霖 published on September 14, 2017
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