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Ever since the dawn of our civilization we've been reaching for the heavens.
Our first manned rocket was a crude device, far more advanced vessels would follow.
But, for two centuries we stared longingly at the vast ocean of stars beyond our solar system.
Fearing them forever out of reach.
Then - in one swift stroke - the invention of the warp drive changed our world.
A new frontier loomed. And the start of an intense race to colonize the far reaches of space began.
We named her Nephthys. Nine thousand brave
souls heading towards Initium

The star most likely to have an orbiting planet suitable for our first colony.
Four months, two weeks, and five days into the mission, we received Nephthys’ final message.
Panicked voices broken by static.
An alien message impossible to decipher. Then nothing.

Our first generation of warships would lead
the rescue operation.

When we arrived, we soon located the remains of Nephthys floating in the darkness.
And approaching us - a fleet of alien warships. Their technology far beyond ours.
Using salvaged technology from Nephthys, these alien entities had managed to decipher our communications.
So they recounted the story: A large unidentified ship had entered their system.
Despite repeated warnings it would
not change course, and a trigger was pulled.

It is a galaxy full of danger, but also opportunity.
There are an untold number of species, border disputes, political tension, and betrayal.
Not that different from home.
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Stellaris - "The Vast Unknown" In-game Trailer GDC 2016

105 Folder Collection
qqqzero1 published on September 13, 2017
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