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Well, actually right now
I'm very happy; I'm single, and I'm living life!
*deep breathing*
*deep breath* Oh! *laughter*
My name is Kenny.
I work at a warehouse, drive a forklift.
My name is Jessica,
and I am a dance instructor.
My name is Joseph Mitchell,
and I am an administrative assistant.
just going on casual dates,
meeting people.
Looking to see what's out there,
and not taking life too seriously.
I think the general idea when people meet each other,
they are too in a rush to be in a relationship.
The last time I was really happy about something was, uh, here recently.
I met a person..
*lip flapping*
I saw his passion,
and like, you could feel his spirit,
you could feel my spirit,
and we're like-- our spirits were just, like,
doin' this dance with one another.
Uh, yeah!
I like to say that I have,
but if it was "true love,"
it probably would have lasted.
First date I went on with Tiffany,
it might have been Starbucks, the first place we met.
It might have been at...
a restaurant.
When we got to the bar,
he ordered us two beers.
I could hear his,
like his, heart beating
And, like, we started syncin',
with our, like our, our breaths.
They became like one.
First thing, she had some real big lips.
Her concern with my,
with my life,
making sure I was in a safe environment.
To make me seem
like I was more important
than what I really was.
After we get the beers,
we walked over to, uh,
the pool tables, but all of them was filled.
It's like,
I'm in the-- I'm in the movie.
Is this it? *laughs*
And, like,
should I be having all these thoughts?
It's like, it's like I just met him!
Like, why am I having all these thoughts?
It's fucking nuts.
Our relationship
is mostly a physical.
just biting...
It could've been like
a little, miniature porno,
or somethin' like that.
It was, uh, good performances.
It was one of those ones.
She inspires me in a way to, to be better,
and that's the part that I really enjoy about her.
Is that carrots?
Felt as though, that I was livin'
like in.. Uh,
a roy-- uh, like,
a royal palace.
And then we'd just cuddle,
all night,
Tonguing me down. *laughs*
If I just meet one person,
and just go, Okay, sure,
I'm going to commit to this."
It's like "Do I want to commit to that?
Is that what I need?"
If you meet someone that
you are head over heels with,
then that may be
your potential someone,
you could live with for the rest of your life.
When I was...
a teenager.
This feeling that I'm gettin' right now
I don't want to say that it's love,
but I'm almost sure it is.
A couple times,
Was in love or assumed I was in love.
I was truly in love with her.
Especially the times when...
I was locked up,
and I really felt like no one cared about me.
She'll find a way to come visit me...
She moved on; I moved on.
I know she's probably not thinking about me.
I probably have a little piece
I probably have a little space in her heart,
just a little bit though.
We met on...
One of these crazy dating websites.
Grindr, it's been, um, like a,
a time-kill.
I mean,
every night, you know,
is a good Grindr night.
I mean, it's billions of people,
and, you know,
everyone is looking for a connection.
I've been on a couple of dates
within the couple weeks
I'm try to remember...
Like, "Okay, this guy,
not the other guy."
Let's see...
I think, honestly,
Tinder is
[???] is something
It's just a casual thing,
and it's like,
"What is that really filling me with?"
Some people say,
"I'm actually, you know,
looking to meet my future wife!"
And you're like,
"Okay! Pull the reins back.."
I have that wall that's built up,
and I never let that wall down,
but I think on very rare occasions,
I'm able to let that wall down,
to be able to...
You know, meet someone.
It will have to be...
Both: The love.
That's the best thing.
I'm a writer for love,
in a way,
like if I really love you or want you,
I'm capable of doing,
you know...
Whatever I have to, to show you.
But then it could be a bad thing, too,
'cause you love someone so much,
that you're willing to do anything
-- and everything --
to show that person you love 'em.
Sometimes it can,
it can backfire.
Best thing is that you get cuddles!
I think love...
can be beautiful;
I think love can be sour.
I literally haven't stopped crying this whole time!
I'm like "What is wrong with me?"
I'm like, I should stop crying right now!" *laughs*
It's the unknown.
Like, not really knowing how
he feels,
not knowing if this is really the best...
or... uh...person.
I'm willing to, you know,
to take a chance on life,
and if he is,
look we can make it work.
*laughs* You know what I'm sayin'?
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People Answer Questions About Love Before and After Drinking

7889 Folder Collection
kiki published on November 29, 2017    Min Min translated    jenny reviewed
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