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Wargame: Red Dragon is the latest title in this spectacular RTS series.
You have over 1,300 combat units available in Red Dragon.
The design and behavior of which
have been faithfully reproduced from real vehicles.
RECONNAISSANCE is your main weapon:
It allows you to assess the composition
and capabilities of the opposing army,
to help you plan your tactics.
All the unit types will be useful in your battle strategy:
The artillery can maintain offensive pressure at long range,
while your conventional forces
penetrate enemy defenses.
Use air attacks to mount lightning attacks on the enemy's strategic points,
or watch out for the anti-aircraft defense,
because your airborne units are fragile and expensive!
Remember to establish supply lines too;
what good is a tank without shells or fuel!
The infantry also plays a special role in modern warfare
and can be rapidly deployed from transport vehicles in places
where it will be most effective;
urban areas and forests, potential death traps for heavily armored units.
In Red Dragon the conflict shifts to Asia,
where you must exploit the specific terrain and features of the various battlefields.
Use high positions to surprise convoys,
and hollows in the terrain to conduct stealth troop maneuvers.
Conceal your forces in wooded areas to launch ambushes.
Smokescreens are also an excellent way of camouflaging your troops.
Waterways gain additional importance
with the introduction of combat ships,
landing craft and amphibious units
that can move equally well on land and sea!
These mechanisms will be crucial in every battle,
not only in the new dynamic campaign,
but also in multiplayer mode.
During incredibly intense conflicts,
involving up to 20 players simultaneously!
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Wargame Red Dragon: Overview

280 Folder Collection
張仕昌 published on September 12, 2017
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