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It's like I've swallowed a bowling ball.
Like for five minutes, I will feel like the most amazing I've ever felt.
And then the next five minutes, I will feel like a giant piece of shit.
- Is this supposed to look like that? - I'm gonna (beep) crack.
(soft music)
The Whole30 is meant to be a short-term nutrition reset.
For 30 days, participants cannot consume
real or artificial added sugar, alcohol,
grains, legumes, dairy, or additives, such as MSG.
Commonly reported benefits of the program
include higher energy and more mental focus and clarity.
Today we embark on the Whole30 challenge.
I'm so excited.
I know the premise is pretty much whole foods.
Like fresh things, real things.
I feel like Whole30 is just going to really push me.
I'm half terrified.
I'm the first person in the cookie jar.
And the last.
I've been feeling like crap lately,
and I think it's just because I'm eating like crap.
It would be pretty cool to know what it feels like to be a human running on clean nutrients.
I know that at the end of it, people have said
they feel more awake, they sleep better,
their skin is better.
Like everything about their life is better.
I want that part.
But I know to get there, it's going to be a whole lot of pain.
(soft music)
I'm so stoked for you.
Yes, at the end of it, you're going to feel so good.
So, you're going to sleep a lot better.
- It'll be easier for you to fall asleep. And it's longer. - Why?
Because we have no energy?
It's called lightly dying.
It's like, you have these 30 days.
See how you feel
and then take the lessons that you learned from it and apply it to life.
I liked that part about it because it's not like, I'm Paleo, I can't eat this forever.
It's like, no, I'm doing this for 30 days.
I'm going to see how it makes me feel
and then I'll decide if I want to put it back in my diet or not.
They say if you're hungry, you're doing it wrong.
You should be feeding yourself enough.
And if that means having three to four eggs for breakfast,
then that's what you need to do for your body.
I think of anything, forcing yourself to read
what's in products as well is so terrifying, 
that after a while, you're like, I can't believe
I've been eating all this shit for so long.
We'll do that at the grocery store.
We'll see what's actually in stuff.
- We can eat these, right? - Bananas, of course.
Don't question me.
(soft music)
I've never bought these many vegetables ever at once.
We can have salt.
I'm really excited for my hard boiled eggs now.
It's interesting we've only used this part of the store so far.
No one has gone into any of those shelves and processed foods yet.
Because we can't.
- Bread, I'll miss you. - I'm actually really excited now that I see all these, like...wonderful color.
I kind of feel fancy! I have never had this much organic stuff in my life. (soft music)
I just made breakfast, and now I think
I'm going to be late for work.
But here it is.
I've kind of been okay with what's going on.
What I would normally eat, I would eat only two eggs,
but I was like, four, because I'm trying to stay as full as possible.
Realizing how versatile eggs are.
You need a snack on the go?
Egg city, man.
Lunch on fleek.
It's not quite a tortilla, but it's kind of close I guess.
I'm only just done and I immediately have to poop.
So I wake up and the first thing I was thinking was food, of course.
And I'm about to boil four eggs today.
We're at the farmer's market.
So health.
So health, vegetables.
There's free Indian food today and Indian food's my favorite.
I had a really bad sleep and nightmares.
(soft music)
I can't believe it's only been a week of Whole30 so far.
It has felt like 30 days.
This is shit.
My energy levels have kind of been all over the place, just like my emotions.
I've had three food nightmares in seven days.
What the (beep)?
I am fitting into these shorts a little bit better than I did last week, so that's exciting.
Here's to two more weeks of this.
- Three, how many? - Three more weeks!
I want it to be over.
Once you get past the first week hump,
I would say it gets so much easier.
There's this thing called tiger blood that Whole30 people get.
Yes, so you get this surge of energy where you feel like you can do everything.
Today was the first day that I woke up for my 6 am workout.
I honestly was feeling really energized and really good.
It's a beautiful, sunny day.
And I'm out and about.
Normally I'd be at my desk.
Niki and I made ghee the other day and it turned out amazing,
and it was a third the cost of what it was at the store.
So, that was pretty dope.
I've been explaining to her how great ghee is, and
she hasn't been cooking with it because it costs so much money at the store. - So much.
So, we're going to try to make our own from scratch.
It seems easy enough.
It's butter.
It's ghee.
What's it smell like?
I feel like the main way to be successful with this diet is preparing meals ahead,
preparing ingredients ahead, and kind of making things yourself when you can,
because it'll be a lot cheaper than buying pre-made stuff at the store.
What I'm really liking about the Whole30 is that it's forcing me to start cooking again.
Although I am obviously shopping a lot more for food, I've saved a lot of money.
I tend to drink when I go out.
I tend to eat out a lot.
I think I'm struggling more mentally than I am physically, and it's kind of wearing me down.
(upbeat music)
(soft music)
I was on Facebook earlier and I saw this Goodful recipe for salmon and potatoes and asparagus.
It looked really good and there's no added sugar or anything, so it's totally Whole30 approved.
Since I have to cook for myself every day anyway, we might as well give it a go.
Salt, pepper, thyme.
Classic salmon friend.
That looks great, I'm excited.
Okay, let's do it.
(soft music)
We make the glaze now.
Oh no, I'm getting seeds.
(soft music)
Man, I miss bread.
Nice Jared, you're killing it.
Bye salmon, good luck.
Oh my god, those potatoes look bomb.
It's a little hot.
It's a lot of food.
This will last me at least two to three meals, which that's pretty dope.
I'm so proud.
I mean, I put it on a pan and I cooked it and it didn't die, so....
All I (beep) want is chocolate and bread.
I'm gonna crack.
I'm having chocolate almonds.
Get out of here, Lindsay.
Get out of here.
Don't get your gross almonds in my chocolate almonds.
Temptation is everywhere.
I just took my car into the shop and they offered me donuts and candy.
I was not expecting that and it really caught me off guard.
(soft music)
I feel like I haven't complained much, but I'm definitely going to now.
This is a giant cookie.
I just ate lunch and I just want to eat french fries and chicken nuggets.
Almost impossible for me to get work done because all I can do is think about bagels and donuts and corn.
Today my team is going to Universal for the day.
This is going to be a struggle to find food.
We just had a big steak dinner.
We decided to go on an evening walk.
I feel really good actually.
Me too.
So first day back on my stationary bike since we started this whole thing.
I have so much energy.
I know different diets are good for different people.
I wish I could say that I like felt 100% better, but I don't.
Nice, healthy lunch.
I'm really hungry today.
(soft music)
Yesterday was a really tough workout with Jill.
Last week I could barely move up and down stairs and today, that's not the case,
so I guess that's progress.
(soft music)
So, it's been a week since the Whole30 challenge has been over.
When it ended, I had put so much hope onto Day 31, that
I honestly didn't know what to do with myself.
I ordered all the stuff that I wanted to eat that was gluten and dairy and rice.
And then my body felt like (beep).
At the beginning of this experience,
I was super excited to cook every day,
and I was having a really good time experimenting in the kitchen.
I just got so tired of it.
I think it was nice to try something new, and to see how much I could handle.
And that obviously wasn't a lot.
Often these challenges are a choice.
I saved all of my money by not drinking and not eating outrageous meals and it was a few hundred dollars.
So, Whole30 is supposed to make you rethink your relationship to food,
and I think it did do that,
in terms of how I consume food, how I should be consuming whole foods
and cooking for myself and prepping for myself,
and thinking really critically about what I put into my body.
That's something that I don't think is going to go away,
so I'm going to continue doing that.
I am going to go have a beer and a tequila shot.
(soft music)
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People Try The Whole30 Elimination Diet

16826 Folder Collection
kiki published on October 26, 2017    陳美瑩 translated    Lilian Chang reviewed
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