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What's up YouTube, so I'm here at 626 night market in California.
And this place is really well known for their foods their, just food.
But I'm here to play some Carnival games and hack some carnival games. So let's hack some carnival games.
Okay, first game. We're gonna play is the ball throw which what you want to do is get the ball
and we're going to try to land in one of the colors.
Alright, so let me let me show you how to hack this game real quick. A lot of people would make this mistake all the time.
They just throw it randomly, just go like that.
See, so when you throw it make sure you spin it sideways like this.
You... you can get a color really quickly.
Thank you.
Alright, easy money on to the next. Alright, next game we're gonna play is this ball game. What you wanna
do is try to throw the ball on the board and try to get it into that laundry basket, alright?
What you want to do is throw it really high like I said just hit the bottom of that board.
Alright, let me show you how to do that.
Hey three for three?
There you go. Got me a yellow Domo on to the next carnival game. All right, the next game we have is the
Knock the cans off of the thingy.
So really quickly it's not about power.
It's not about... you know, throwing it as hard as you can. It's about aiming in the right spot, so the right spot is right there.
Right there in the middle. See that either between those two gaps.
Basically in between those two gaps, so let me show you let me show how to do it.
There's one, that's how you do it.
-All right, there you go. Let's say you won this game. Let's move on to the next one. All right, the next game
we're going to play is this bowling ball game. What you want to do is push the bowling ball
above that hill and what you want to do is try not
to let the bowling ball come back into the blue area. You want it to stay in the red area. What you want to do
here, don't push it with force, just use the momentum of your body and just go like this.
That's all you got to do. Here we go.
All right.
There you go, that's how you win on to the next game. Alright, so the next thing we're gonna play is this ping-pong game.
They're gonna give you a ping-pong ball, and what you want to do like the game earlier is try to land it in one of those.
The technique for this is you don't throw it like this, you gotta throw it like this. So don't throw it like this.
You gotta throw like this, so let me show you what it looks like we throw it the wrong way.
Okay, you want to throw it backhand.
Awesome. Thank you.
Alright, y'all so the next game
we're gonna play is this ball tossing game. Really simple. It gets the ball in there. Alright, so the technique here is to lightly toss it
and softly touch it at the very bottom of the rim. There we go.
Thank you, okay, so bit of an update. I treated three of my small prizes for this one.
I got all these prizes. This's super cool. Let's keep playing some game.
She's trying to steal my stuff. No! No!
It's okay. We're gonna win some more. Come on! Guys, so this one. This is the infamous ring to the bottle game.
So here's how you win this one okay? When you toss it you want to use all wrist action, okay?
Wrist, just a little bit of arch, and then that way when it lands, it's gonna be really parallel and a little bit this
hopefully stick right in. Let me, let me, let me show you. Here we go.
Last one.
All right, so let me show you who the real way how to do it. All right, so this is how you win the ring game.
So I ended up winning three things just 'cause of my method.
All right, thank you all for watching today's Carnival hacks video.
So feel free to try on. Let me know how it is and yeah state hacking everyone. Peace!
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How To Win Carnival Game Hacks! (WIN 100% OF THE TIME!)

5309 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on December 31, 2017    板板 translated    李依庭 reviewed
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