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- Go ahead.
(engine backfires)
- [Crew] Whoa!
- Thanks.
- [Davin] Ever had a project that
stuck, stalled or over your head?
- [Matt] Sometimes it just
take an extra set of eyes,

or an extra set of hands.
- [Davin] Enter the Wrenchmen.
- [Matt] Follow along
as we travel the country

getting classic cars back on the road.
(driving guitar music)
(country guitar music)
- Hey, Matt, we're in
Dallas, Texas this morning.

- We are, and you know
what? We've got a nice guy

named Chris and a GTO that need some help.
- Excellent, you got a picture of that?
- I do. Right here.
- [Davin] Sweet. Okay.
- [Matt] Now this one, he
had about 10 years ago,

some catastrophic engine failure.
Him and some buddies got the engine out,
got it rebuilt, it's beautiful,
but, over time, people have moved away,
found jobs, and now he's
stuck with this engine

on a stand and he doesn't know
where to start putting it back together.
- [Davin] So he needs an extra hand?
- Yeah. Now it is worth noting
that it's sat for 10 years.

- Ah. Okay, well, I guess the benefit is,
it has been running, and
been together at one point.

- [Matt] Yeah.
- Ah, but we know how
things go when they sit, so.

- We hate it, they don't work well.
So, you know, I think the
only way we can find out

what we're dealing with,
truly, is to get down to

Chris' place and see
what he's got going on.

- All right. Let's go do it.
- All right.
(country music playing)
- My name is Chris. I
live in Dallas, Texas.

I've got a 1967 GTO.
(country music playing)
- [Chris] My hope is that
Matt and Davin will get

as excited about this project as I am,
and will help me get this car back
on the road where it belongs.
- Well, Chris, this is a beautiful car.
What you got going here with your project?
- I had the car for 26
years. It's been great.

I've had a lot of fun times in it.
It's been a great family member,
but at this point, I'm just stuck
and I don't know where to go with it.
- Well, what do you say
we grab a couple tools,

think about putting an engine back in,
and see if we can get
this thing rolling again.

- [Davin] Sound like a plan?
- I'm excited.
- [Davin] Cool, let's do that.
- All right.

(country music playing)
- [Matt] For Chris' GTO,
we're going to be using

the Penzoil GT Performance 25W-50,
which has the higher zinc content
for breaking in flat tappet cams.
(country music playing)
- All right, so we're making progress,
but we're stalled for a minute here.
We needed six bolts to
attach the flex plate

to the back end of the crankshaft.
Given that it's been over 10 years,
you did a fantastic job
hanging on to everything.

But like every project seems to have
the bolts that kind of
sneak away, somehow.

We got a runner, bring us back some bolts,
we'll get that on, put the flex plate on,
mate the transmission, slid
her in, and she'll be good.

That'll be the next step done,
I shouldn't say it'll be good.
(country music playing)
- All right, Chris, while the two of you
were monkeying with bolts and flex plates
and all of that stuff,
I was underneath the car

trying to figure out your rear brakes.
So what I found out was that
both of your wheel cylinders

were bad and that happens when a car sits.
Obviously you had a good
reason for it to sit,

but, you know, this same
part, had it been in use,

probably wouldn't have had a problem.
So we went ahead, and I
was crawling under there,

replaced both wheel
cylinders and the soft line

for the rear circuit, just because
if it sat that long, we're
here, we have the parts,

we might as well do it.
And I'd rather find out

that these are bad here, sitting still,
than out on the road doing 60.
- I appreciate that.
- So you got brand new wheel cylinders.
We've got to bleed the brakes still,
but we're making progress.
(country music playing)
- [Davin] We're on a hard hit somewhere.
- [Matt] Which, yeah,
it's touching up top.

That exhaust manifold's hitting now.
- [Davin] Okay.
(country music playing)
- This is quite literally
the heavy lifting

of putting an engine in, is
the lifting of the engine.

- I say we look through and just kind of
get a good feel that we have
all the bolts that we need.

- Um-hmm.
- And then, so kind of rough it up
and say yup, here's a
bolt that's long enough

and some of that type of thing.
- Okay.
- And then I say we make
a break for the day,

and we call it a night.
- Yep.
(country music playing)
(country music playing)
(tools running)
- So I did get the
starter up, wired tight.

- Yep.
- I don't put that shield back on, but,
- Yeah, we're going to wait on that.
- Yeah.
- Since I jinxed myself three
times so far with that thing.

- Tranny line is hooked to the trans,
obviously not to the radiator yet.
- Correct
- We need, A/C unit is 100% in.
- Yep.
- I can start putting on bracketry for
the power steering and the
gen, or the alternator.

- Yep, yep.
Well, speaking of, we need
the fuel pump in there

before we put this bracket.
- Oh, okay.
- Only sits in that one. We might as well
work from the bottom up.
- So we're not fighting it the whole time?
- Yeah.
- I hate your logic.
(Davin chuckles)
(country music playing)
- Ah hold on, hold up, we got a drip.
It's coming from the water pump.
I told you 40 minutes, but nope.
(country music playing)
- Water pump sealed up, we're putting
a little coolant in at
a time to let it burp.

Carburetor's on, and I'm going to
put some ATF in it, about six quarts,
before we fire it, and then
we're ready for gasoline.

(country music playing)
- This close.
- Putting fuel in the tank,
I put fuel in the carburetor,

we have squirters. We're going
to keep a fire extinguisher

handy, or a towel, a big towel or two.
I think we're a hand washing away
from firing it up, first
time. First time in 10 years.

(engine cranking)
- Go ahead.
(engine cranking)
- I'm not getting, at
least showing spark here.

(engine cranking)
- Go ahead.
(engine cranking)
(engine backfires)
- [Crew] Whoa!
- Thanks
- Again.
(engine cranking)
- Stop.
- Did you see right where it was?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
(engine cranking)
(engine turning over)
- Stop, stop. What's the tach say?
- I don't know.
- Oh, it's down there.
- I got excited. All right.
- No worries.
- Hey guys. It was breathing. It's alive!
That's awesome!
(engine turning over and running)
- Wow.
(talking being drowned
out by engine running)

(country music playing)
- [Davin] All right, we've
gotta do our final push,

get this on the road.
- By not pushing it on the road?
- By not pushing it down the road.
(Matt laughing)
- Which is simply hood hinges,
- Um-hmm.
- hood, air cleaner.
- Yeah.
- I think that's all we've got left.
- I like it.
- Grab the hood hinges,
and we'll get up snugged up

- [Matt] Okay.
- [Davin] and rolling.
(country music playing)
- Here we go.
(engine purring)
- Guys, I don't even know what
to say, the car is running.

- Yeah.
- It seems to be running
very nicely, as well.

- It runs fantastic. It
sounds great, it drives great,

- Yeah.
- It's on the road, I'm
ecstatic. Thank you guys so much.

- Excellent
- It's awesome.
- I mean, we took this
car our very first date.

(woman laughing)
- I know.
- I was wearing that weird pink sweater.
- It was a long ...
(all laughing)
- So I was thinking.
- Mm-hmm?
- You me, should take this car,
night on the town. What do you think?
- I think that's a great idea.
- Awesome.
- Mwah.
- Hey guys.
- Thank you so much.

- Yeah.
- Have fun.

- You were so wonderful.
- Hey, thanks a lot.
- Thank you so much.

- Yes, likewise.
- Thank you.

- Take care.
- We're outta here.
- Have a fun night.
- Bye, guys.
(country music playing)
(engine roaring)
- Did you see the smiles on them two?
- Yeah, and did you hear
the car driving away?

- Oh, I did, that was nice.
- Well, I think it was a job well done.
- I agree.
- Let's go to the next one.
- Let's do it.
- [Matt] All right. First,
let's go to the bar.

(country music playing)
(engine roaring)
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The Wrenchmen | Chris' 1967 Pontiac GTO - Episode 1

140 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 10, 2017
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