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- Here it goes.
- [Narrator] In this
episode of the Wrenchmen

we are in Mayfield Michigan
with John and his 1934 Dodge Pickup.
After some engine trouble
and a few unfortunate life events,
the truck has sat for years.
It's time to get this hot
rodder back on the road.

(engine startup)
- Aah!
- [Narrator] Ever had
a project that stuck,

stalled, or over your head?
Sometimes it just takes
an extra set of eyes

or an extra set of hands.
Enter the Wrenchmen.
Follow along as we travel the country
getting classic cars back on the road.
(upbeat country music)
(slow country music)
- Things started sounding bad.
I pull over to the side of the road.
Looked under the engine bay
and there was oil everywhere.
Of course the initial thought
process then is check the oil.

And see I fully expected to
see nothing on the dipstick.

And much to my chagrin
it was overfull
and smelled like gas and was like liquid.
- [David] Morning John.
- Morning.
- [David] David.
- [John] David.

- And Matt.
- Matt, pleasure to meet you too.
- Good to meet ya.
- What do you got hiding over there?
- I have got an awesome 34 Dodge pickup
that I can't wait for
you guys to tear into

and make it on the road again.
- [David] Well excellent, let's do that!
- [Matt] Okay so, with
him finding gas in the oil

that means one of these carbs
has gotta be puking fuel through.
- Yeah exactly because
this has an electric fuel pump
so there's no way to
get fuel into the engine

because it doesn't have the mechanical.
There's no leak path.
- Yeah.

Carbs are the only path.
- [David] Exactly.
- [Matt] So we're gonna drop the pan.
Take a look at all the bearings.
- Yeah because as the
oil got diluted with fuel

it's not gonna lubricate
the bearings as well.

That's why it knocked.
It's a hydraulic lifter motor,
and those lifters are
probably slapping as well.

- [Matt] Yeah.
- But we need to make sure that
the mains and the rods are good
and there's no just general
junk down in the pan.

- Yeah perfect.
Well let's get going.
- Alright yeah.
I'll get rolled underneath there
and start pulling that pan.

(upbeat music)
Alright so since I can't drop this pan
I'm gonna wipe a rag on the bottom of it
and see if there's anything in the bottom.
There's nothing picked up on the magnet.
So there's nothing shiny.
One or two flakes but that
would be normal anyway.

I really think we're in good shape.
We'll do a last check,
or part of that last check,
we'll pull that oil filter.
Cut it apart, see if
there's anything in there

that tells us differently
that we can't just
visually inspect basically.

Now this side looks good.
Is there enough room
to get the filter?
There isn't.
I'm not even joking.
- [Matt] Can't get the filter out?
- [David] No.
You've got to be kidding me.
- [Matt] So we're gonna
have to pull that bracket?

- Well we'll have to jack the motor up.
There's probably one thread left.
Oh oh, I got it.
Well there's some stuff.
But not full.
So there might be some wear
on the main bearings and the rod bearings,
but I don't see anything
enough to be alarmed.

It definitely had a lot of
gas going through it though

cause this thing stinks.
Matt I'm still comfortable
with leaving those bearings in it.
Let's get a fresh oil filter on it,
and go to that battery.
Get a new battery in it
so we can turn it over.

Then we'll be at put
oil in it and prime it.

We wanna prime it so we can push any
diluted fuel, diluted oil,
out of the bearings.
One more thing down.
- [Matt] (mumbles)
- Yes.
- [Matt] (laughs) Thanks,
I like to think so.

- I'm having a little pizza.
- [Matt] Yeah.
(upbeat rock music)
- So this carburetor is anchored
with the gaskets are stuck.
I'm gonna take the end
of this wooden hammer

and just basically pop it up off of there.
- [Matt] I can't think of any reason why
we can't put oil in it.
We should be able to fill it up, prime it,
and then basically start putting
the carburetors and
distributor back into it,

and get that much closer
to firing the car up.

So just like with the GTO we did for Chris
we're gonna do this Pennzoil
GT Performance 25W-50.

It's got extra zinc in it,
and that's the stuff that
protects your older engines

and it's what they used to
run what we're gonna run now.

- [Matt] You want me to tell you pressure?
- [David] Yeah tell me
if we're getting some.

- [Matt] Oh there we go.
- In my bet we might be
able to spin out more

than 20 or 30 pounds.
No but what I wanna do,
- Whoo lightheaded.

- I wanna set the distributor in there,
and I wanna see if the starter works.
- [Matt] Oh bump it?
- [David] Yeah cause if I have
to order one of them, yeah,

I need to know before six.
- [Matt] A little different conversation.
You got 15 minutes.
- [David] Before six?
- [Matt] Yeah.
- [David] So we gotta hustle.
- There it goes.
- Go ahead.
Solenoid fires but the motor's not moving.
- [Matt] 12.28.
Should be enough to turn it over at least.
The starters solenoid is clicking,
but the starter isn't turning over
so I just checked the
voltage at the solenoid

for the high current lead.
But we got 12.2 something volts
so it should be enough
to turn that motor over

but it isn't, so gonna get a new starter.
Okay, on?
- [David] Yep.
- [Matt] Crank.
That's better.
That's it.
Day one's done.
- Now I promised ya at the end of the day
we'd be driving it,
and obviously we're not.
- And I didn't believe you

from the first second you said it.
- Optimism is better.
- I know better.

I've been on these things before.
- But we got a big portion
of that check list done.

- [Matt] We did, and we
even added a few things.

- [David] We did, that's true.
So tomorrow morning new fuel pump.
- [Matt] Brand new fuel pump.
And we already got the starter in.
It comes over great.
- Tomorrow.
- We'll be driving.
- Driving tomorrow.
- That's right.
- Cool, John will be happy.
Let's pick some stuff up and go home.
(upbeat rock music)
(country music)
- It was back in the early 2000's
when I had another vehicle that was
near and dear to my heart.
It was a 32 51 Decoupe,
and never was ever gonna sell it.
I ended up selling it to a gentleman
that wanted it very badly.
And he gave me a premium price for it.
And I thought that I was
done with the hot rods

for a little bit.
I was gonna get into muscle cars,
and then I found that I needed
another hot rod.
I was looking aggressively
to find something different and unique,
and ended up seeing an advertisement
in Goodguys Gazette
in the classified's for this
beautiful 34 Dodge pickup.

- This morning I gotta
wrap up these carburetors.

Now the problem I'm gonna have
is that the steel line is not mating up
with the fittings I got
for those carburetors.

So I may have to do a
little adaptation there.

- Yeah, well the problem
I had yesterday is fixed

is we had the exact same fuel pump,
but a functional version.
I'll work on that stuff.
You work on this stuff.
- I'll tidy this up.
- And when both of us are done
maybe we'll fire this thing
up and go for a drive.

- I like that idea.
Sounds good.
- Alright.

- Just got one more clamp to tighten
and then we'll see if we get
fuel up to the filter now.

There we go.
Hey, look at that.
I am gonna have to...
gotta do a little adaptation here
since I can't get the correct fittings.
We got a little lucky
and we should be able to

just use some rubber
hose for the short-term.

So that'll get us
connection to these.
The idea here is I'm gonna
put this up onto there.

Now I know the tube knots are
just gonna be bouncing around,

but I don't have a choice right now.
Alright, see what this one looks like.
(engine trying to start up)
(engine trying to start up)
- No.
- I thought I heard something.
- [Matt] Ready?
- [David] Yeah, give it a try.
(successful engine startup)
- Aah!
- Oh I shut it off, sorry.
- That's fine, I figured.
That's better.
At least we got smoke.
We got smoke, we got fire.
- For a few years while we
we're going through the process

of finding a home here, getting resettled,
getting out of the debt and
reestablishing ourselves,

ten months after that my wife became ill.
We thought it was pneumonia.
She went into the hospital.
They started treating her for that.
And we ended up finding
out that she had cancer

and just five months later I lost her.
She absolutely loved that truck.
That's another part of it that was
a great deal of fondness with me
that hurt a great deal in the beginning,
but now it's, you know, it's like,
I guess they say time heals all wounds.
And that wound of losing her.
Now I can kinda look at the truck
and remember the fond memories.
And now it's fun and
exciting for me again.

It's almost like the first
week I got that truck.

It's coming back to me now.
- There's one last thing to do though.
- Well that's true.
- Go enjoy.
- Take it for a spin.
- That's what I've been waiting for.
- Alright.
(engine startup)
- [David] It left the garage.
- [Matt] I know.
- It hasn't left the garage in 15 years?
10, 15 years he said?
- Yeah, it's been a while.
- He's out tootling around.
Got a big grin on his face.
One more down.
(Upbeat country rock)
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The Wrenchmen | John's 1934 Dodge Hot Rod - Episode 4

94 Folder Collection
rihrong published on September 10, 2017
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